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Blog and YouTube changes for 2018

2017 has been a big year for my blog and YouTube, from posting every day on my blog to starting a YouTube channel and hitting almost 100 uploads in around 6 months, I am so proud of both of them and I am really looking forward to the future of both of them to see what I can make of them. I thought I would share with you today a little post about the changes to my blogging and YouTube schedule this coming year and what I plan to do with both of them in the long term across the year. 

I have revamped my schedule to allow my to work harder on each post and continue to improve my content across both my blog and YouTube channel allowing my to grow both equally and allow it to potentially grow and expand this year as I am so determined to make it work. My schedule now looks as follows: 

Monday - Blog post
Tuesday - YouTube video
Wednesday - Blog post
Thursday - YouTube video
Friday - Blog post 
Saturday - YouTube video
Sunday - Blog post

This will be the basics and what you can expect each week, I mean sometimes it may end up slipping a little if I got ill or something happened, however, some months I will also do things like Blogmas, which will get a post a day in December, and I may even do some more challenges like a video a day in December which I have done this past December and so you never know what may happen some months but I aim to make sure there is the minimum of what I have said here to make sure I am on top of the schedule and working hard to improve my content and share lots of things with you all! 

If you have any video or blog post suggestions or feel there is something you want to see over the coming year I would love to know in the comments as I love sharing ideas with you all and making content! I am working so hard on prepping the content in advance to allow me to better stick to the schedule that I hope it helps me to stay on top and not get behind like I did last year! Have a lovely day and I will be back with more posts soon! 

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