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Beauty sample testing

Buying new make up on a regular basis can be one of the most enjoyable things. I adore testing new products, looking at new colours and testing out new formulas in new products. While this is great fun, as you can see from how many products I talk about on here it soon mounts up and is quite expensive to keep getting products to use. I love make up so I don't mind spending my spare money on it and having a play, however, beauty samples are one of the best ways to test out new products and have a play either cheap or free without committing to the full price. 

I get beauty samples a few different ways, one of these is gifts with purchase, this can be when you buy at a beauty counter, ask if they have any samples to try and you will be surprised what they may offer as a sample in hopes you will come back and purchase, this could even be a sample of  foundation formula, or a sample of skin care to try. Places like MAC also add one to your order that you can usually choose at checkout when placing an order. 

The next way I like to get beauty samples is through subscription services. While you technically are paying for these still you are getting a selection of products for a much cheaper rate than if you bought the products full size. This is a nice way to try something new, and I would like to resubscribe to a beauty box this year as I have enjoyed having them in the past. These vary from around £10 a month to £20 for most mainstream and popular boxes but there are a variety on the market to choose from and lots of reviews of past months on YouTube to see which you might like. Along with this Feel unique do a sample service where you pick five samples and pay the £3.95 postage to try them out. I haven't yet used this, but I am hoping to do so soon.

Magazines are a great way to get samples, or travel size products, and I have been known to raid the magazine aisle several times when they have good products with them. I usually look for magazines which have beauty samples for things I don't own or have new products in them. I have been known to buy three magazines at £2 each to get all three of the free products, I then give the magazines to friends who would like to read them so as not to waste the magazines and throw them out. I find this such a great way to get a product for a couple of pounds and have gone on to repurchase some of these as full size too if I have enjoyed them!

Lastly, I am very lucky due to my blog and being invited along to events that I often get gifted free samples or I am able to receive some products sent to me from brands to test out. This is always helpful and definitely makes it easier to test out some new things and not have to worry too much about budget for testing out some samples. I usually share these out as well when I get over run or if I get duplicates, usually passing them on to my friends or someone in my family who may like the product. 

Sometimes, its really handy to have samples and smaller sizes of products and I do often have some stored in a separate place to keep for traveling, or they are good for having in your handbag for touch ups, or if someone is over and needs something but you for instance cant or don't want to share a mascara or lipstick, you have a mini version to give them to use. 

I love getting beauty samples, they really do either boost me to buy something I wouldn't or give me the opportunity to test out a new product that I don't want to spend the money on buying full price, for whatever reason. I definitely think they are something that are so worth getting your hands on and making the most of when you get them as I do honestly think they come in so handy. 

I would love to know what the best products you have discovered through samples are, and what you got to try that you didn't really enjoy too, so do let me know in the comments! 

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