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A step up for hand wash and hand cream

Hand wash is one of those things I never really put much thought into. I pick up whichever one is on offer at the time I am shopping and think no more about it. So when I received this lovely hand wash and hand lotion set as as a gift I really began to think about how I never considered getting nice hand wash. So should we be investing in nicer hand wash or not? 

So first off, I mean, I am not shy to spending a few quid on a nicer shower gel and having a nice pamper with a bath bomb and a luxurious body wash and lotion, but to be honest, I use hand wash more times than I do shower gel if we think about it. I mean, I bath or shower pretty much every day, I might go the odd day where I don't but you know, we're all human, and sometimes when I have spent the day really busy, I end up just showering the next morning. Yet I wash my hands a minimum of three times a day, only cause I've never counted how many times I do.

So lets talk washing our hands. I wash my hands in a morning after I use the toilet, then I wash them again after my skin care as I don't like the feeling of the face cream lingering on my hands. That is twice before my day has properly started. Then I will obviously wash my hands every time I use the toilet after this. Then there is when I prep food, obviously I wash my hands when I am about to prep food, but then if you handle raw meat or something like that, you will definitely wash you hands once again afterwards. I mean, moral of the story, have you ever noticed we wash our hands quite often? 

Once I started to think about this, three things crossed my mind. 1) Wow, I get through quite a bit of hand wash, across my house, work and other settings I wash my hands in. 2) Wow maybe I should be buying nicer hand wash and looking after my hands! 3) Washing them that much would cost a fortune if I bought high end hand soap! So should I look into a more expensive hand wash to treat my hands?

I feel like having a designated hand wash and hand cream helps me to remember to apply the hand cream as I always forget and I am trying to remember to do it more this year as I do notice the difference when I use hand cream. I also think having the same scent for the hand wash and hand cream as then they work together nicely and compliment each other entirely when applied. While I'm not showcasing the most expensive hand wash, but between me and my husband we can get through a fair bit of hand wash and although its one I forget to show in my empties a lot of the time, it can often get overlooked. I find that it is something I use without thinking about it and just go with. The slightly more luxurious feel of using the duo really does make me want to wash my hands more, I am washing them anyway, but the nicer feeling soap and hand lotion makes it more interesting, and I definitely feel like guests will enjoy it more than a standard one. I don't see myself rushing out to buy crazy expensive shower gels in the future, but I do think for these on there own, the hand soap is £5.50 here and the hand lotion is also £5.50 here as well as being on offer regularly, they are not a bad price in terms of what you would pay for something like a shower gel. I definitely think I will be shopping around and treating my bathroom and kitchen to some nicer hand washes in the coming weeks as my current ones get used up as I definitely think they are a lot nicer and make me feel a little bit more glam, doing a most basic and necessary action! 

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