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A Kiehls event

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by the lovely Saffia over at Kiehls in Nottingham if I could help to organise an event with them, and I was delighted! It is the first event I have helped to organise and I definitely think I want to organise more in the future, so the cogs in my brain are working hard to think of some fund things I might like to plan in the future. I was super excited to go along to the event and have a masterclass and see some more of the products as I haven't tried everything from Kiehls but have see a wide range of products and so I love seeing more in action. 

The event was held at the Ugly bread bakery in Nottingham, they have two locations within the Nottingham area and both venues are lovely and would make the perfect place to go out for a bite to eat. We arrived at the venue and we were shown upstairs to where the event was being held. The tables were laid out and had a range of leaflets and skin care information as well as some strips in order to see what our skin type is which was so interesting.  

We were given a skin care masterclass and I was so glad that the products showcased happened to be a mix of ones I have tried and loved and ones I hadn't got round to trying yet. One of the first products mentioned was the Turmeric and cranberry seed energising radiance mask, this is one of the five masks they do and I definitely mentioned to the people around me that I wanted to try this when it was being demonstrated and passed around, but we will say more on that later! 

Then we were shown products to help with the skin and care for it. I find these events the most informative, because while I will sit at home and try new looks, I am quite lazy and uninformed with skin care, so this always boost me to try new things and care for my skin. I find it so helpful to be able to test out the products all together on our hands and see how they work and give them a test as I would never test this many products on my hand in store normally. 

When we were shown a dry oil it was really interesting as all the oils I have used have been the standard ones and so I have been wanting to test more of the dry oils properly. Products like the line reducing concentrate were also showcased and I have to say, I am going to talk more about anti ageing on my blog soon, but I am never really sure when it comes to it and so to be shown a product and given more information about it was really helpful! I have to say it is recommended to start at 25 but you can start younger, so I think this year looks like being the year of anti ageing for me! 

I love the way we saw the skin care and then on top of that they demonstrated the BB cream they have, I haven't really thought to go to Kiehls for a BB cream as I class that as part of my make up and not skin care, and so I had completely overlooked this, but it looked so nice and really did peak my interest as I haven't used BB cream for a long time, however, I did used to love them so I might have to start using them soon. 

The event was so informative and my wishlist is quickly growing to accommodate some of the products we were shown. This is also going to be increasing on the list as they gave us a wonderful goody bag as a thank you for coming the to the event. Inside the goody bag we had a range of products and these are some of the ones I am most excited to try over the coming months. We first have the Amino acid shampoo in a 30ml size, I haven't tried this and it does sound really nice, it says it is for all hair types and is designed to cleanse and soften the hair. We also have a 30ml sample of the ultra facial moisturizer, I have had samples of this in the past and really like it so I am excited to be able to carry on using this. We then have four sachets of products, these being the midnight recovery cleansing oil, I have also tried this and while I haven't purchased the full size as I have a lot of cleansers, it is really good and one I really like. Also on skin care we have a sachet of the hydro plumping retexturing serum, this is design to help reduce the look of tired and dull skin and is also linked to anti-ageing as it is designed to plump and smooth the look of fine lines. Next we have two samples of body care products, the first is a gentle exfoliating body scrub, this is grapefruit and I am excited to give it a go as I do love a good body scrub! Last on the list for the goody bag is a Creme de corps body butter, I have tried the original but this one is the soy milk and honey version and I am excited to see how it compares to the original.

Along with the goody bag I was kindly presented with a little thank you gift for helping to organise the event and bring some of the people together. Inside there was a Turmeric and cranberry seed radiance mask in a 14ml jar, remember from earlier I was excited to try it? There was also a nightly refining micro peel concentrate which sounds really interesting and I cant wait to give it a go, this is 4ml but is a generous sample size for both. I am so grateful to have been part of the event and I can not wait to try out some of these products as I am so excited too test them out and see how they work for me. 

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