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Zoella You're cracking gift set

 A little while ago I placed a Zoella order on Superdrug and I made a video showing what I got. Can you believe it is my most viewed video on my channel? Well, I thought that can only mean you want to see what the gift sets are like now I have had plenty of time to test them out. As you may have seen I reviewed the perfume set here, and I am sharing with you a set today that has a mix of bath and body products in, but is still affordable and looks lovely, and its shaped like a cracker so what more could we want? 

The set comes in a lovely cardboard cracker which I have to say was much bigger than I expected as I ordered it online so had nothing to go on for size. I was pleasantly surprised and really love the outer packaging. I feel like so much thought has gone into it and it definitely is one that would make a lovely looking gift for the price.

Inside the cracker we have three products, the first is a shower gel, Snow fresh, we then have a body lotion, Snow silky and finally a hand cream, Winter wonder hand. I love the little pun names they have and think it is such a clever play on words that makes me smile. All three products are a really good size with the shower gel and body lotion both being 100ml and the hand cream being 90ml. 

The shower gel is in a beautiful grey tube with white detailing on that looks like clouds or lace trim. I really like the simple pattern on the bottle and think it sets it off nicely against the rose gold and the pink plastic lid. The shower gel has the Snowella scent which is really nice and fresh and smells wonderful. It works well to foam in the shower, however it isn't the foamiest shower gel I have ever use in my life. I do think it works well and washes you nicely leaving a lingering scent that is still light on the skin and not over powering. 

The body lotion comes in a similar tube to the shower gel however the pattern is reversed. so this tube is white with grey scalloped, cloud like detail. I really like the way the bottles look together and the way they match but the colours are inverted so you can distinguish between them easily. I found the body lotion was easy to squeeze out and feels nice on the skin, it initially feels a little no the thick side and seems to sit on the skin, but after you warm it up a little rubbing it in for around 30 seconds across the area it sinks in effortlessly and thins out. 

The last product is a hand cream which comes on a beautiful copper tube with grey and white detailing on. The little trees are so pretty on the bottom half of the label and really add character to the way it looks. I feel like it matches the set well without being too similar. At 90ml I tend not to carry this in my handbag as I have a few smaller ones which I keep for in handbags, however, I do keep this on my desk in my office and it is a great way to refresh and soften my hands when I am sat working and reminds me to look after them especially now the weather it getting colder. It has the same Snowella scent as the other products and is a really nice formula which instantly sinks into the hands leaving them feeling soft and moisturised. The scent lasts a really long time on the hands and it is really nice to keep smelling on the hands after you have used it. 

The products work really well and I have really enjoyed testing them out and they have made a firm place in my shower, even though they shouldn't have as I am on a project pan using up lots of products I had in my bathroom stocked up! I think the scent is really nice as it is very light and fresh which means it isn't over powering or harsh once you get out. At £12 I think it is a really good price and I think it would make a lovely gift, right from the look of the product through to the quality of the products inside. You can shop the set on Superdrug here if you are interested in seeing it online, and you can also find the other products from the range on the site too.

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