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Top places I am shopping for boxing day sales!

We all know the boxing day sales are where it is at, and gives the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to the few things you want that have gone on sale, as well as spend any money you have had for Christmas! I have a few go to places that I always check for the boxing day sales and I am going to share with you a few of them today! 

For beauty I obviously head straight onto Boots, they put the sale on on Christmas eve usually but they have loads left on boxing day too and in store it is boxing day so its worth going on and having a look, as well as checking in store if they have any good stuff you want. Debenhams have also got some amazing beauty products that usually go on sale and I always have a browse on there too for things like Kat Von D, Urban Decay, those kinds of brands. 

Lush is usually a go to for me, but as they aren't doing an online sale this year I wont be near a store, so no sale shopping for me in Lush this year, so they can deduct a sizeable order from me as I know for sure I wont be near a store, I also think its a bit of a risk taking it offline and I can't really understand why, whack it all on half price and we will all still buy it online! 

For clothing I head onto Selfridges, I love shopping designer sale and seeing if they have any gems tucked into the sale corner, and the same with Very exclusive they have some fantastic pieces and I love shopping for a few new bits when the sale hits! 

I would love to know where you will be sale shopping this year as I am always looking for what bargains I can pick up and would love to find out if you have any recommendations, or if you have managed to bag a bargain I would love to hear when you have treated yourself to! 

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