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This works perfect legs skin miracle

The This works perfect legs skin miracle is one that I have heard really good things about, but I never really regarded it as a product I would use as it is similar to a tinted moisturiser and I presumed it would be way too dark for my pasty white legs, however when I got it as a sample I decided I might as well try it when I got my legs out at a recent Christmas party. 

The product comes in a squeeze tube because it is a sample from a Birchbox, however the full size product comes in a tube with a pump lid which is a little bit reminiscent of a fake tan, but I d think it would be an ideal way to dispense the product. I honestly think, where possible, pumps are the best packaging, we get to know that we only need X amount of pumps to cover an area! 

The product itself is a bronze coloured thinner textured cream consistency. I was very worried when I first saw the colour as I am paler than anything and I was worried it would be too dark, however once I had a little test on my hand I realised the colour would be fine. 

The product squeezes out really easily, and as I said earlier it would be easy to work out how many pumps you needed should you use the pump on a full sized version. I went for the tactic of using a small amount and adding more as I needed it. I found the product rubbed into the skin easily and if you only use a small amount you get a nice amount of coverage which didn't streak or look obvious on the skin. Being pale I only wanted a hint of colour to stop my legs looking like they have never seen the sun, however, it does build up nicely to add more colour should you want to add more. 

This added a really nice, light amount of colour to my legs and really gave them a natural healthy colour without looking like I had had a full tan. This was really good as it meant I feel comfortable wearing it and know I will be able to use up what is in the bottle and really make the most of it. I do feel like if you are more tanned or have darker skin than I do, it may be less obvious or may not work so well as I feel this is a medium colour and wouldn't work for everyone. 

At £37 for 120ml, I think this is reasonably priced if you wear a lot of dresses or get your legs out a lot and want to show them off without wearing tights, but still want a bit of extra colour. I feel like it made my legs look nice and healthy with minimal effort and was so easy to use. I will say, while I like it and will be looking forward to using this up over the Christmas party season, I won't be repurchasing this as I feel like on the whole I wont get enough use from the product as I just simply don't go out enough or have my legs out enough to make it worth while. If I did, I would definitely have this as a main feature in my collection!

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