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The pressures of Vlogmas and blogmas

If you have seen on my YouTube channel you will know I have done a 24 days of Christmas take over and I have been posting a video everyday for the 24 days in the lead up to Christmas. I have also challenged myself and adapted the 24 days of videos idea and I will be uploading a video everyday until New Year,l that is 31 videos in December. However, this comes with a lot of pressure and a lot of downfalls and I thought I would share with you the best and worst parts of this what I have learnt along the way.

First up, how boring is my life? Well, let me tell you... I have been watching vlogmas for a few years now and I can honestly say I wish my life was like some of the people I watch, but unfortunately I work full time and by the time I get home it is dark and there is barely anything to film, so it is ruled out of the question most days of the week, and then weekends we have to catch up on housework and I need to get in front with the videos to meet the deadline I set myself and while I have been loving doing these videos I wish I could do vlogmas and make it worth watching, maybe next year? 

The videos themselves take so long to plan, film and edit that your social life becomes a thing of the past, well not really, but I have had a few occasions where we have turned up slightly late due to my video needing finishing first, I have had to work late in the evenings and go to bed late and be up early to make sure I have content done and it is a lot more intense than I expected it to be. I think I need to work on starting these videos earlier next year as I didn't start filming them until the end of November and I think that was the downfall! 

I feel like there are the people who do vlogmas every year and do such great videos that I love watching them and my mum is even hooked on some this year, so you know that says a lot for someone who doesn't usually watch YouTube! I also feel like some of the 'smaller' YouTubers who are doing vlogmas this year are doing amazing I love seeing the 'real' element the smaller ones have where they have been at work, or they are just chilling at home and not doing any of the really fancy stuff some of the bigger ones are able to do. I really want to work towards doing vlogmas next year and would love to know if it is something you might actually want to see? I feel like I have learnt a lot this year about my channel and my blog and I am so excited to see what the New Year brings for both of them! 

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