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The fashion struggles of December

We are all aware it is December, we are well into the advent season and I know I am appreciating the snow we are getting. However, it is honestly the worst time of year to be a blogger. Well, depending on what you want to post. I haven't had a spare minute to go out and shoot outfit pictures or video and this morning when I did get chance to, I turned around at 5pm and it was pitch black outside. Not great at all! 

I am also really struggling for style inspo at the moment too, I have a haul coming next week on my channel, but I spend ages picking out an outfit and then chuck a coat on top and it looks like the same thing I wore the day before... I don't have a huge coat selection and I pretty much need a coat to be warm in this weather and so I always feel like my outfits and look books will all end up looking the same as I don't have loads of stuff to pick from and its quite demotivating sometimes.

I am really trying to beat the struggle and make sure I can post outfit pics and I am so excited about the look book I have planned so I can't wait for that to all come together and be worthwhile showing you all as I do love my autumn one I did, its one of my favourite videos on my channel. I just feel like I can't find much I like in the shops, there isn't a lot of up to date stuff I haven't already featured and the fact I haven't had chance to go out and actually be able to film anything really is a downer in itself. 

If you have any tips, tricks or simply just any outfit posts or videos I would love to see them as I have felt on a bit of a downer about the whole outfit and fashion side of it recently! Thanks for sticking around! 

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