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That weird no mans land between Christmas and New Year

Its that really strange time of year now isn't it? The bit where Christmas is over and done with, but the New Year isn't here yet, you're probably all shopped out, and eaten more mince pies and Quality street than you care to admit! I know that is usually how I am feeling by now! So how do I like to try and utilise this time? 

I try to use this time to reflect on the year, look back at my goals and see how I have achieved them and how close I came to hitting them. I also think about where I want to be looking back this time next year to work out what goals I want for the coming year. I always find there is a few things I could have worked harder on and there are always a few things I could have done and didn't. 

We will often use this time to see the family we haven't seen over the actual Christmas period as it gets so hectic we like to sweep round around this time and catch up, same with friends, a great time to see them and enjoy some company! 

I am also getting a head start on making the house immaculate for the New Year and I am having a good tidy up on these down days, I am aiming to get the bedroom furniture moved around by the time my husband goes back to work as I want a new headboard and a few new bits to go in the bedroom so I want to make sure I can get that done soon, as well as just a general deep clean before I go back to work in January to then stay on top of it all a little easier!

Most of all, put your feet up! The hard work of the build up and day of Christmas is done, and the New year is still far enough away you don't have to worry, so chill out, relax and enjoy the rest of 2017 before diving into a new year and starting 2018!

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas, I'd love to hear what you got up to in the comments! 

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