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Sleek Matte Me Metallized Rose

The Sleek matte me lipsticks are ones I really enjoy and so when I saw they had released some metallic versions I was very excited and knew I wanted to get my hands on them to see what they were like. This one I decided to pick up is in the shade metallized rose and I thought it was such a pretty pink shade. 

Packaged in the same style as the standard matte me liquid lip colours from Sleek, this has the big clear tube which allows you to see the shade of the lip colour easily and I love that. The lid is a matte black finish with the Sleek logo on the front in a glossy black finish allowing it to be subtle, yet still be seen. 

The product itself is a beautiful rose pink with a lovely metallic finish. This shade is more on the everyday pinks side and I find it is the type of pink that I can get away with more as a nude colour if I want something still along the neutral line but with a hint of something extra. The metallic finish is subtle from a distance but almost gives the illusion of a glossy lip which I really like. The finish is completely matte as the name suggests and so I love that it has the metallic effect while still being completely matte.

When applied on the lips this dries down really quickly and looks so lovely on the lips that I really enjoy wearing it. In terms of lasting power this lasts so well on the lips and really puts up a good fight, lasting well through food and drink which is always good, I do like to touch lip colour up after eating, but I just do it to keep my make up looking tip-top. When wearing these, they feel comfortable and light on the lips which is always nice as I hate it when they are really drying on the lips as I find they can be really uncomfortable. 

Overall, I think these are such a great way to mix up a matte lip look and still have the lasting power, the product is easy to use and looks so beautiful on the lips that I have been reaching for these so much this year. At £4.99, here, these are so affordable and I am really enjoying using them. I will definitely be looking for more of these to pick up in other shades in the future when I am on the lookout for new lip colours! 

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