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Roundup of 2017

2017 has been a crazy year, I have achieved things I never thought I would at the beginning of the year and I feel like it is one of those crazy things that you look back on and suddenly realise how much you have actually done in that time. I am so pleased looking back on the year and while I could have done more in that time, I am definitely proud of everything I have done. So lets look back on 2017!

This year I have looked back through posts and videos and have attended around 20 blogger events! I am so excited about it and I have to say I never thought I would go to so many at the start of the year so its a real pleasure to have been invited. I have been to a lot so here is a little round up if you want to revisits any posts or videos on them! Cafe rizzoli event here. Snizl event here. Nottingham fashion week with Beauty temple here I also got featured in a local magazine from this event! Copper cafe meetup here. Chino Latino event here. Derby bloggers brunch here. Intu victoria centre SS17 event here. Nottingham fashion week here. Cocktail masterclass here. Kiehls on wheels event here. Lush Nottingham event here. Tortilla blogger event here. Nottingham street food event here. Beauty temple event here. Zoella jelly and gelato event here. Derby bloggers brunch here. CaBella Nottingham event here. Thaikhun cooking masterclass here. The Body shop blogger event here. Bluebird tea co event here. Prezzybox jingle mingle event here. Phew, that was a lot! 

Also on the lines of blogging and YouTube, I have successfully uploaded 365 blog posts this year, that is a blog post a day every day this year and I am so proud I stuck to that as its such a huge achievement. I finally restarted my YouTube channel this year and I am so proud of what I have done with it so far. On my YouTube, I will have uploaded 98 videos since June this year, I am aiming to do a couple of bonus ones to bump it to 100 videos, but I am scheduling this post a little bit earlier than the end of the year so I can take Christmas off, and so I will have uploaded at least 98 videos which is fantastic! I can't wait for my new schedule next year I am so excited for what I have planned! 

In my personal life we have had a few changes, this year I had a really scary time at the end of may and I had an operation, the results were inconclusive and I am working to find out whats wrong still, nothing major, but it is something I eventually want to get to the bottom of. I am so lucky to have so many supportive friends and family and my husband is my rock and really does keep me going all the time and I love him so much its impossible to put into words. 

In terms of fun things I don't have too much documented, but next year I want to make sure I share more and document more and take more photos, but the highlights have to be pumpkin picking, you can find a vlog of that here, going to Disney on ice which I also vlogged here, and going to York Christmas market which you can see here. I am so happy with the memories I have made this year and I know it will be something I always look back on! It has also formed the way to make so many more memories next year and reminds me to always look for things to do and make the most of going out and enjoying some quality time with people. 

I hope you have had a fantastic 2017 and we can all look forward to 2018 and make the most of everyday to come! Have an amazing new years eve, enjoy yourself and lets make lots of memories for 2018!

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