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REN ever calm rescue balm

REN is a brand that for some reason I always seem to get samples from. I don't know how it happens, but I have had them in beauty boxes, advent calendars and in goody bags and I always get excited to try out the products when I see then. I was excited to try this rescue mask as it claims to hydrate skin and give it a boost in the cold winter months. 

The full size of the product comes in a pump bottle which is really useful and would help you get the optimum product amount out of the tube with ease. I feel like the packet works well for the sample and I got around 3 uses from it, showing a little goes a long way. The product is a really thick creamy consistency which is really nice as you can tell it is really going to hydrate the skin and give it a good boost. 

The product applies to the skin easily and while it does feel like it sits on top of the skin for a little while when applied, it does sink into the skin and works to moisturise the skin and make it feel smoother and hydrated. I do like the way this feels on the skin as it isn't heavy, but to touch it is a little greasy feeling if you are to touch your face, but I do feel like you get product residue with any mask while wearing it. I left this on for around 20 minutes as instructed and then wiped away the excess that was left to allow it to have absorbed as much as needed into the skin. I found it easy to remove the excess and my skin felt soft and smooth when first removed. The next morning my skin was soft to touch and the small areas of dry skin I had felt hydrated and no longer flaky.

I was very impressed with the mask and while I feel my skin type could only really use this once a week and in the cold winter months I think it would work well for someone with dry skin in order to help reduce the dryness while hydrating and soothing the skin. At £28 for the full size, here, it is a mid range price for a skin mask and I think if it is one that works well for you it is worth investing, however, I couldn't get the use from this when my skin isn't feeling dry and so I don't think this is one I would purchase again, but I would use it again if I had another sample in the colder months of the year!

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