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One year on...

On the 6th of December my husband and I celebrated one year of being married. It has been a long time coming as we also celebrated 8 years of being together on the very same day and had been engaged for 5 years when we finally tied the knot. Marriage is one of those really strange things when you are planning the wedding and you never know what your really going to feel like after the big day and if it will change anything. I thought id do a little post just to talk about our first year of being married. 

Firstly, we lived together before we were married and so I feel like it doesn't have that aspect of change that some people have for us. We have known each other 8 years and so we know each other like the back of our hands and so we didn't need to learn anything new about each other and there were no surprises hidden away. I have to say, I honestly feel like nothing has changed, only my last name. I don't really know what I was expecting but it feels the same except its nice to see us both have the same surname as we wanted to have the same family name, as a personal choice. 
I found the wedding very overwhelming to plan and I can honestly say I genuinely hated planning it. I love my husband to bits and had an amazing wedding, but honestly I hated planning it. The day was magical and Grant had so much input it was amazing. We were able to have our friends and family there to see it and it was so magical and special it really meant the world to us to have everyone there. 

We have made an effort to do a lot of nice things over the past year and we aim to do more over the coming year as I have a few things on my bucket list which I want to tick off before we think about kids and I hope that I can get them ticked off at some point over the coming year. 

I feel like marriage is a real big commitment and while I feel like it is one that should be taken seriously, and really thought about, I honestly feel like absolutely nothing has changed we still love each other like we did, we have the same serious moments, and the same silly giggle fits when we are meant to be doing something else, and I honestly think it is just a wonderful feeling waking up every day knowing you have a special connection to someone and someone to really rely on and have the commitment be shown and respected. I wont lie we have a good sense of humour, and I will picture below the card I got Grant for the first anniversary as we always have a laugh about this kind of stuff together, but I just simply love him and wanted to share a soppy-ish post to show that! 

Have a wonderful day, hope you all have a lovely time making this Christmas season special with the ones you love, family, friends of husbands and wives! 

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