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Ole Henricksen truth to go wipes

Face wipes are not something I usually pick up to use on my face. I often have a cheap pack of wipes in my office for removing swatches quickly and to make sure I can just clean up any make up mishaps I may have while getting ready with minimal effort. I feel like I just feel like my face is so much cleaner when I just wash it. When I got the Ole Henricksen clean truth wipes to try out I was very excited, they get such good reviews and I don't buy expensive wipes so I was interested to test them and really see if they work as well as they are said to on the reviews. 

The packet is such a beautiful bright orange shade, they really stand out and definitely draw me into them and make me want to use them. I love the simple white writing on the front and the resealable sticker is really lovely as it stops them drying out between uses. 

The wipes themselves are white and smell lovely, very orange scented and I love that as they are so nice to use. I think the scent is wonderful and I think it is one that I really love and would definitely use these just for the scent. One side is smoother than the other on he wipe and I feel this is a nice contrast to help remove make up. 

The wipes themselves are really nice, they are a big size and it is really useful to have them a good size as you only need one. The make up wipes remove a good amount of my make up and do leave my skin feeling soft. I do however feel like this doesn't completely remove the make up like some reviews have said it does. I feel like my skin still feels dirty and like it has make up on when I have used these which makes me then go and wash my face with make up remover any way, and just seems to add a step. I also find that these don;t remove my mascara which also means I would have to either use another cleanser or wash my face anyway to remove the mascara. 

Overall, having a travel pack of these is handy, and a nice way to test them out, however I feel like I can't just use these alone and if I was to ever just takes face wipes I have used cheaper ones which are better at removing make up. I feel like because these are a lot more on the pricier scale, £12 a pack in some places they really are over priced in my opinion and unless I ever received them in something like a beauty advent calendar, or a beauty box I definitely wont be using them in the future. 

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