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My cold weather essentials

The cold weather is now upon us, and on Thursday this week, if you didn't see my Instagram story, it snowed. I am honestly sure that it is way colder than I have been expecting and I am really not sure I am enjoying being so cold, however it is now December so we can all get excited for Christmas. I thought I would share a few fashion essentials that I have been loving to keep me warm on the chillier days. 

One of my absolute favourites at this time of year is a blanket scarf. I can't explain how much I love blanket scarves. The wrap around so many times and are so big you can really wrap up in them. I have used these to drape over myself and wrap around me when I have took my coat off inside but still been a little bit cold. I think blanket scarves are the best invention ever! 

Next up, I have a pair of touch screen gloves and while they are more expensive than standard gloves I took the time to invest in some nice ones that would be warm and I could use my phone with as I am completely addicted to my phone and I am love that I can still use my phone without having cold hands. I sound like a total addict to social media but I also love having access to my camera quickly to take beautiful snaps that really reflect the season. 

The last one is thick or long socks. One of my least favourite things is having wet or cold feet and so the minute I am able to justify wearing either knee high socks hidden under my trousers or thick socks hidden within my boots I am all about it! I have so many pairs of thick socks I have lost count. I tend to stock up every winter and make sure I have a big supply. I always feel like if my feet are warm and my hands are warm then it helps me to be warm. I find this is really easy to do and definitely feels a little bit sneaky as I know a lot of people who don't wear the fluffy socks in the day! I also should add, I don't like wearing 2 pairs of socks, they sit weird and I just hate the way it feels unless I am ultimately desperate, and then I still hate it but do it anyway! 

My number one priority in life is staying warm, I can honestly say I am almost 98% sure I am actually a cold blooded reptile that needs a permanent heat lamp because I can get cold in summer..... I would love to know the few things you always do in winter to stay warm, as I honestly cannot get enough tips and tricks right now! I am snuggled under a blanket with the heating on as I write this, dreading leaving the house in the morning as I am already thinking about how cold I am going to be.... 

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