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Lush Snowman bubbleroon

Lush do the cutest Christmas bath products, I have to say I am always way more drawn to the bath bombs than the bubble bars, but I really do love this little guy so much that I couldn't pass him up this year! I think this is so cute and he is so lovely, and I know he will be lovely in the bath. 

The snowman is sandwiched together with a creamy macaroon looking filling, hence him being a bubbleroon, but and he looks like he is wearing a cute little scarf which I love. He is a classic white snowman and looks beautiful, with the little coal looking eyes and a carrot nose, there's nothing more you could wish for from his appearance. 

The snowman is scented with lemon and is quite citrus like and fun and I really like the way he smells. I think it is still quite subtle and is so lovely to sink into the bath with the bubbles from this. The scent isn't overpowering and I think you could use a lot of different products with it in order to get a wonderful bath without it being dominated by one scent. 

The product foams up so well and creates so many bubbles in the water which is really fantastic. I think the bubble bars are often a little bit generic and often all look the same in the water as they often create just a sea of bubble that haven't got much difference, unless like a Halloween one that turned the water black they have some sort of distinct feature. 

I do love this bubble bar and think he would make the most perfect gift for someone if you were looking to get a small token gift such as a bubble bar or bath bomb from Lush as it he so cute and you will get multiple baths from him depending how bubbly you like your baths! I have had a few bubble baths from him and he is still going strong so I would say maybe six? At £4.25 here, you are going to get a lot of uses from this compared to a bath bomb and so I think they are really worth checking out if you aren't into all the colourful and glittery fun the bath bombs entail! 

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