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Lush Snowfairy jelly bomb

I have tried one of the jelly bombs from Lush in the past in the Halloween range and wasn't really sure how I felt about it, so when I saw the snow fairy version I knew I had to have it as I love snow fairy and it was a great excuse to give them a second chance. So how did this fair up and did it sway me to love or loath the jelly bombs? 

On the outside this looks just like a normal bath bomb from lush, however the distinct spotty appearance is apparent across the range of jelly bombs so would set it apart if you had one and couldn't remember if it was a normal or jelly bomb. The pink body of the bath bomb captures the essence of snow fairy, with the white spots reminding me of the snow and the pastel shades of the candy mountain which is the next closest bath product to this in the snow fairy style scent. 

I dropped this into the bath and watched as it began to fizz away, and I have to say these are a little bit disappointing. This fizzes quite slowly, and then as it does fizz the jelly comes out of the bath bomb and it coats the bath bomb, meaning the water can't get through the jelly properly to make the bath bomb fizz, and so it took well over 15 minutes for it to fizz away and I actually got bored of watching it barely doing anything... 

 The bath bomb did leave the water a pretty pink shade, and it smells so strong of snow fairy that it really is amazing to use if you love snow fairy. The jelly isn't necessarily bad, it is a bit strange but it does dissolve and wash away down the plug hole with minimal effort which is good. I just hate that this takes so long to fizz away and I have to say it feels like a massive faff! 

Overall, I really don't think I will get any more of the jelly bombs, they are just a bit less fun to watch, and the jelly isn't something I feel I need in the bath so I can definitely skip out on it without missing it and just go for something with more colour, more glitter and what I will enjoy more overall. At £4.95 a bath bomb, maybe cheaper if you can bag this in store in the sale, I think they are reasonably priced, however they just aren't my thing. If you want to check out the range you can find them here, but I feel like they are a nit of a gimmick which is fun, but not something I want to use more than once, just to experiment and try them out! 

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