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Lush Christmas sweater

Christmas jumpers are one of my favourite things, and bath bombs are my favourite too so when I saw Lush had a Christmas sweater bath bomb it was inevitable that I had to try it out and see how it worked and see if it warmed me up and was as amazing as my festive jumpers. The cute red background looks lovely and the reindeer remind me of the fairisle jumpers you can get this time of year.

The bath bomb looks so beautiful and is definitely reminiscent of the Christmas sweater it is names after. The red signifies Christmas beautifully and is so festive. The white reindeer really remind me of a little knitted motive you would get on the front of a Christmas jumper and the little detail around them is so cute I think it is definitely an all round Christmas looking bath bomb. 

The bath bomb has a wonderful spicy scent which is so lovely and I really think it is so warming and makes you feel all warm and cosy when you smell it. The scent wont be for everyone, however I personally think it smells lovely. The bath bomb has notes of ginger, clove mustard and coriander and is amazing. The warming feeling it gives when you smell it is really great and really makes me think of Christmas. 

The bath bomb makes the most beautiful swirls of pinks, whites and oranges in the water and really gave such stunning patterns I sat for a good five minutes just taking pictures with my DSLR as it was amazing! it transformed the water into a mesmerising red shade that was really lovely. The red matched the colour I expected it to go from the outside of the bath bomb and I think it captured the Christmas spirit perfectly.

Overall I love this bath bomb, my mum has also used this one and she loves it too which is really great as I think if you like the slightly spicier scents then you will love this. I think for £4.50 it is average price for a bath bomb at Lush, here, and I think it is really festive ans one I really recommend trying out if you want a nice Christmas bath bomb to warm you through on a cold winter evening! 

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