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Kiss Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are something I don't often use, however, when I do I like to have ones that are still on the subtle side but add length and definition without being over the top. I received the Kiss lashes a while ago in a Glossybox and didn't have a chance to wear them until now. I hadn't use Kiss lashes before now so I wasn't sure what to expect from the brand however I thought they looked good and I was very excited to see how they looked on. 

The lashes came in a cardboard box with an outer plastic box over the top which protected them and kept them well, however, I felt this was slightly less necessary and could have just been the cardboard with the little plastic window in. I like that you can see the lashes really well and it allows you to know if they will be the right ones you want when picking them. I like that they all have names too as this helps to remember which you like when you go to repurchase them if you have enjoyed using them. 

The lashes themselves are long and flowing but they aren't overly dramatic. I find that they are good for adding length and definition without being too dramatic. The inner corners are tapered in which makes them more comfortable and look more natural when on. The lashes are evenly spaced and are tapered on the end of each lash to look more natural and blend easier with your own natural lashes. 

The set I have have a clear band, this helps them to blend into the lash line with minimal effort. A simple line of eyeliner helps to cover any areas where you might see the band is glued on. The lashes sit nicely along the eye and once trimmed prior to applying they fit perfectly and felt comfortable on the eye, meaning I could forget about them until I got home and wanted to peel them off when taking my make up off. With a coat of mascara being applied to the lashes it blended my natural lashes with the false lashes effortlessly to give a finished look that, while long and fluttery, looked natural. 

The lashes were comfortable to wear and lasted all evening not he eye without peeling or lifting through the evening. I felt like they completed my eye make up and really made it stand out and it gave my make up the finishing touch it needed to be more dramatic and party ready for my evening out. I felt like these were one of the most comfortable lash sets I have wore, and while I normally go for individual lashes to pop on, these strip ones are some that I will be going back to when I need more lashes to wear and glam up my look. 

Overall, the lashes were lovely and really did finish my make up off nicely and make me feel like a million dollars. The lashes were comfortable and light weight meaning I didn't feel like they caused my any issues, especially as I don't often wear them. I found they peeled off nice, kept their shape easily and were able to be reused which I think is great. While I can't find these exact ones online the range is priced between £5 and £8, here, depending on the set you want to get. I think they are a good price for the market and I can't wait to brand out and try more from the brand soon. 

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