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Kenzo world body lotion

I was gifted the Kenzo world body lotion as part of a goody bag when I went to an Intu Notts bloggers event and so I was excited to try it. I own so many perfumes so to get a perfume in body lotion form was a really great way to try it without having to add another perfume to my collection. The 75ml size is really good and will definitely get a good amount of uses from this. 

The body lotion comes in a squeeze tube and I feel like this would be in a set that you would get around Christmas time with the perfume. I also love the bottle of this perfume if you were to buy the actual perfume, it is like an eye. The light blue clear bottle is like the actual eye ball with a dark lid to the bottle looking like an eyelid with lashes on and a dangling Kenzo charm acting like the pupil. 

The scent of the perfume is floral in scent category. Kenzo have revisited the world of flowers and created a new fragrance from it, and this is what they have come up with. I feel like this perfume is a really nice scent that isn't too floral and is still really nice without being over the top. The perfume has a blend of peony, jasmine and radiant ambroxan crystals which blended together smell amazing.  I think this is a lovely balance with a soft floral scent that lasts well and is really pleasant to wear. 

Overall I think this has brilliant lasting power, the scent isn't over the top floral and is a lovely day time scent in my opinion. The product is really reasonably priced starting at £45 for a 30ml bottle and working up to £77 for a 75ml bottle, here, I think it is a really nice mid range fragrance. I think, while I have so many perfumes I want to use though over the next few months I really think this is one that I will be going back to when I have used some up and used through the body lotion version as I do really like the scent and think it is really worth checking out if you are in the market for a new perfume and get the chance to smell this. 

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