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Imperial Leather foam burst Bewitching blackberry and wild fig

My husband uses these all the time and he has some that he loves, so when he was running out of these foam shower gels I decided I would pick up some more for him. While browsing the selection I thought this bewitching blackberry and wild fig sounded lovely and thought I should treat myself to one too. I haven't used anything like this for years and so I was excited to give them another go. 

The packaging has changed slightly since I last tried these, they used to come in a metal container and now they have changed them to be in a plastic container, presumably so we can recycle them easier than before. I find the packaging easy to hold and a good size for the price. My only issue with this is that the cap seems so hard to press, every time I have used this I feel like it is a struggle to press down the button to release the product. 

Product wise it is a lovely gel consistency when it first comes out the bottle and then it foams up easily and quickly when worked together in the hands and is so easy to work into the skin to clean, hydrate and nourish the skin. I am sure these used to leave the can in the foam form, more like a hair mouse, whereas now, it is more a gel that turns into a foam, which is still lovely, but not quite the way I remember them. Scent wise, I love the smell of this, you can detect both the fig and the blackberry and it is quite sweet, reminding me of purple Starburst in a subtle way which is really lovely. 

When I use this it leaves me skin feeling so soft and clean that it really is a lovely one and one I have found myself reaching for more and more. I think this is a lovely way to mix it up when in the bath or shower and not have to use the normal liquid shower gels and just have something a little more fun. I think this would also be fun for children to use too as it is a nice fun consistency to use and may make it more fun if they are reluctant to go in the bath! 

Overall I think these are really nice, at £3.15, here, they aren't the cheapest shower gels, but they often go on offer and I think they are a good price for the market and some of the other foaming shower gels out there. While I feel like they are less foaming than they used to be I still really enjoy them and as I say, my husband uses these almost every time he has a shower so I feel like that speaks volumes for the way these work. I tend to stock up on these when they go on offer as he gets through a lot of them over the year! 

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