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Flowery whiff Champagne violette

Having never heard of this brand when I received it in a goody bag from a Bluebird Tea Co event I was excited to give it a go and see how it worked. I love the idea of little independent companies and always try to support them where I can. I was looking forward to seeing what this was like and testing it out, especially in the cold months where my lips get chapped and sore!

The packaging of the lip balm is a little metal case which is one you dip your finger in to apply, this isn't my favourite way to use or apply lip balm, and so these tend to be my 'at home' ones when I know I have washed my hands first and not been touching some weird gross outdoor, public things that I cant wash my hands before sticking them in something I am going to put on my mouth.... 

The product itself is quite floral smelling from the violette, and while I am not the biggest fan of floral things, this is actually pretty nice. The product itself is a really hard waxy type product, and it says on the listing on the website that this is due to all the natural waxes and oils in the product. I do find this is quite hard to apply though as I find barely any comes off on my finger and it makes it a less quick process to pop on quickly. 

The product feels so good on the lips it is quite thick and you only need a small amount, however, it sits really nicely on the lips and feels smooth and like it is soaking in nicely. The product isn't thick or uncomfortable and has a slight taste like the scent, but it isn't too offensive or horrible, and is what I would expect from any lip balm. It helps my lips feel softer and smoother and is helping to stop me biting them as it is stopping them from getting so dry. 

Overall, I do like this lip balm, the scent and taste aren't what I would pick if I put them all together to pick one from, but I do still think it is ok for what I want. I wouldn't pick this type of packaging, however looking online, they are £4.50 on Not on the highstreet for a tube style one, here, which I would prefer the packaging of. All of the scents sound so good and they are all based around cocktails, or the likes, and there are definitely a few others I could add to my wishlist as they sound delicious! I leave this one by my computer to use when I am editing, however, I don't feel this is one I would buy as the scent isn't quite me. I you are looking for a more natural lip balm then I recommend checkign these out as I do think they have some amazing scent options! 

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