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Clinique liquid facial soap

I haven't tried a lot from Clinique but I have heard such good things about their products in the past, so when I received this in a goody bag from an event I was so excited to see how it worked and how I would get along with it. I hear good things about them for acne prevention and reducing skin problems, but I never quite got round to trying anything. So how did I get on with it? 

The product I got is a smaller size than the full sizer and comes in a squeeze tube which I really like as I can control the amount of product easily and get as much as I want out. This being said the full size comes in a pump bottle which is even easier to control the amount so I feel that would be really useful too. The packaging is very minimal and I love the overall look of it as it is clean and sophisticated. 

The product is a clear gel which is really easy to work with. It foams up well when applied to wet skin and really feels like it is cleaning the skin as it foams and works around on the skin. It is gentle on my skin and doesn't sting or irritate it, and I feel like it would work well for a lot of people. It has a soft scent that is a classic soapy scent and is really nice. 

I don't use this to remove make up, but it does make me skin feel soft and clean when I use it. I find this is the perfect face wash to use in a morning and on nights where I don't have make up on, or if I want a second cleanser after taking off my make up. I Love the way my skin feels after using this, it is so soft and really makes a difference to how it feels before and after I use it. 

Overall I have been reaching for this face wash a lot over the past few weeks and can definitely see it being a contender for my regular, non make up removing face wash as I have enjoyed it so much so far. At £16.50 for 200ml on Clinique, here, I think it is a reasonable price for the brand Clinique is and I would definitely feel justified in paying that to look after my skin. I would definitely repurchase this in the future, I am just not sure when as I have so many cleansers to use up first that I do't want to invest in more while I have a lot on the go. 

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