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Barry M glitter fixer eye primer gel

I love primer for my eyes and while I have a few standout favourites I always go for, they are slightly tinted and when I come to apply glitter over the top of another eye shadow I needed something clear to make it stick a little better. When I saw the Barry M glitter fix I knew I had to give it a go as I thought it would be the perfect solution. 

The product comes in a box when you buy it from the store, but is a clear gel which looks like like a lip gloss in the squeeze tube packaging. The tip of the packaging is also like the slanted tip which is on this style of lip gloss packaging. It has a secure lid and I like that it is clear on the main part of the packaging to see how much is left if you use this a lot. 

The product itself is a thin clear gel which is easy to squeeze a small amount out and control the product as it comes out. I find the product is a really good consistency as it is quite wet to begin with but dries really quickly, meaning you can get the shadow on and not have to wait ages for it to dry.

The product applies over eye shadows well, however I patted the gel onto the eye rather than rubbing it just to be sure it would not smudge the eye shadow underneath. The product feels tacky and ready to stick the glitter to the eye and then grabs onto the glitter pigment easily making it add so much to the eye while still drying reasonable well. This just means I apply the gel to one eye, apply glitter and then do the other eye rather than apply gel to both and then do glitter, however I think that would work too. The product grabs the glitter nicely and sticks it to the lids well ensuring it doesn't move through the day, however I feel the shimmery glitter pigments look a little foiled on the lid rather than glitter when you apply them. Obviously if you apply straight glitter to your eye it will stay glittery, and I don't mind the foiled look, but its one to be aware of. 

Overall I am really glad I picked this up, it is the perfect way to adhere glitter on top of eye shadows without worrying about if it will need an extra primer or trying to use the one you have and risk ruining the look. I think it works well and leave the glitter stuck on the eyes well, without it budging all day. I definitely think this is a staple in my make up collection for the party season and I cannot wait to create more looks using glitter now I can stick it on easier and know it wont budge and fall down my face while wearing it! At £4.99 on Superdrug, here, it is really affordable and one I recommend if you wear a lot of glitter on your eyes! 

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