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Avon Mark liquid lip - Pinking about you

As a huge fan of matte liquid lip colours and always strive to try new brands and see how they compare to one another. I decided I would test out the Avon Mark matte lip and while I loved the purple hues I decided to go for a nude pink shade as I want to expand my more wearable colours as I don't often get chance to wear many deeper lip colours.

The Mark lip colour comes in a clear square tube with the writing written on the front in white to ensure it stands out. the lid is a matte finish and is black which adds a nice contrast to the packaging. The doe foot applicator is a nice size and fits the lips well when applying the product. 

The formula itself is more of a mouse like texture and I think this makes it really easy to apply to the lips as it moves a round a little more than some of the formulas before it fully dries. This being said, it does take slightly longer to dry than some of the others I own, but not too long, so it is still quick to apply. 

The finish on the lips is a true long lasting matte which looks lovely on the lips, as long as they aren't dry. This is such a beautiful nude shade and looks so good on the lips and works really well when my lips are hydrated and well moisturised, however I have the worst habit if biting them and they get so chapped and horrible in the winter and so when I wear this and have chapped lips this clings to every bit of dry skin, and just gives a really patchy finish. Now when my lips are well moisturised this doesn't happen, but this time of year it is hard for them to be anything but dry and chapped. 

While I love the colour and will still wear it when I have remembered to properly hydrate and moisturise my lips, it is a little disappointing that I wont be able to wear it like I can some of the other I own, even when I have dry lips. At £8, here, full price they are in line with other liquid lip colours, however, due to the way they wear on my I feel like I an unsure they are something I want to invest in just yet, at least not until I can sort my lips out and get this one working well for me! 

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