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Avon Mark gel shine nail polish - Wine and dine me

The Avon Mark gel nail polish is one I got in a little bundle when I bought a liquid lip colour, I went for this deep burgundy shade as it was a very winter colour and I thought I would get a lot of wear from it over the coming months as it is a beautiful jewel toned deep berry which is always on trend this time of year. 

The nail polish itself comes in a box which it black with white branding on the front of it, allowing it to stand out and be simplistic. Inside the polish is in a square bottle which is clear and also has the white branding to match the box. The white cap to screw the product shut is a really nice size to hold when painting the nails and the brush is wide enough to cover a good portion of the nail and not feel like you need to go over it a lot of times. I think the 10ml size is really good as this will last a long time which is always good if you love a colour. 

The product has a nice opaque finish and works really well to cover the nail and give an opaque finish in just one coat. I did apply two coats out of habit and over the years I have found most polishes wear better with two coats, so I automatically just do two to make sure it is the best coverage it can be.

The nail polish wore really well on the nails and lasted around 4 days before it began to chip off the nails just doing standard amounts of typing, work and housework. I found it lasted well and was easy to remove from the nails when I decided it wasn't the shade I wanted to wear any more. I feel like this is a really nice polish to wear and the formula is really easy to work with. 

Overall, the product is really nice, and one that I would definitely use again. It lasted well and has a lovely finish on the nails which I am definitely pleased with. While I have wore this and loved it, and know it is one I will be reaching for a lot I haven't wore it many times since receiving it as I have wanted to do some Christmas nail art too. At £7 on Avon here, I feel like this is a little step for what I would compare to a drugstore brand, however if you wait for the offers they always seem to have some deal which means you can get this for a little bit cheaper than their usual full price! 

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