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Advent calendar content round up

Buying an advent calendar can be tricky business when there are so many on the market, and while you may think this post is redundant as, well its past advent season, I feel it is completely needed. My reason for this is that Look Fantastic do the surprise element of the calendar so well, it doesn't actually tell you anywhere whats in it before you buy it. This wont help you with next years as such, but I find if you don't want to look what is in it, you can always judge the previous years to see if you think it will be something you want. I had the Look Fantastic on this year and I can honestly say I loved it and while I did look and find out what was in last years before buying it, I didn't this year as I wanted the surprises. So what was in it?

I will start with hair care as this is a smaller category and will kick it off nicely. I got three things relating to hair care and I am really pleased with the product range. First we have a Moroccan oil hair treatments, this is a hair oil and while I do already have one of these on the go I really like it so I am excited to have a back up. I then have the Redken no blow dry airy cream. This is something I hadn't heard of before getting it in here so a great way to try something new! You apply this to damp hair and leave it to air dry, I am so excited about this as I leave my hair to air dry about 90% of the time so I will get a lot of use from this. Lastly for hair care we have the Grow Gorgeous scalp detox exfoliating pre-wash treatment, this is designed to exfoliate the scalp and and remove impurities. My hair feels like it never grows like it should and so I hope that this will give my hair some life and help it be in better condition.

Moving on to skin care I have nine products in this category so I definitely think this one and the beauty are the main focus of the calendar! First up I have the Korres wild rose advanced repair sleeping facial, this is a facial cream that you apply after cleansing and leave on in order to work over night. I love using new face creams so will be testing this one out over the coming months to see how it works for my skin. Following this I got the Caudalie moisture sorbet, this is another face cream which can be applied morning and night in order to hydrate and smooth the skin, I hear such good things about Caudalie and I have only tried the facial toner spray so I am excited to try more things. Sticking with creams, I have the Elemis pro-collagen marine cream, this is a day cream and is designed to be anti wrinkle and anti aging and I have read in several places to start using anti wrinkle products in  your 20's and so I am excited to try some out as I have never really used anything anti aging so this could kick me into gear! 

Still on skin care I have the Oskia London Renaissance mask, again I have heard amazing things about Oskia and so I am really excited to be able to test out the brand and see how it will work and I will get a few uses from this to see if I enjoy it. Another product I am excited to try is the Omrovicza Queen of Hungary mist, the only thing I can liken this to is the Cauidalie toner spray as I haven't used many other toner sprays and haven't properly tried this yet, but I am excited to have a new skin care routine forming. Facial oils are something I use for a long time and then forget them for ages and then go back to them, however getting a new one will kick me back into gear and make me use them more. I have the Dr Botanicals Moroccan rose superfood facial oil and I think it will be so nice to use and give my skin a boost as it isn't at its best this winter. Next up I have the Dr Lipp original nipple balm, ok it sounds a bit crazy, but its for dry skin, luscious lips and glossy bits. I will be using this as a lip balm and testing it out, but it sounds very strange when you read out the name! I then have two make up remover products the first being a Balance me flash cleanse micellar water, I love micellar waters so I know this will have a firm place in my bathroom. The last product is one I am so excited to try out, this is the Magnitone wipe out microfibre cleansing cloth. This removes make up with just water... Just water! I have seen a lot of these be tested online and I am so excited to try this out and see how it works as I am very intrigued! 

For body care I got four things which are also a good range and a nice mixture to test out and see what they are like. The first thing I have is the Molton Brown gingerlilly body wash, I love these body washes and this smells so lovely I can't wait to pop it into the shower and use it in the New year when I have finished my project pan. First aid beauty is another brand I haven't tried but have seen a lot about, I received the Ultra repair cream in the advent calendar and I have used this sporadically over the past few weeks and I do like it, but I do need to give it a better test to really get a better feel for it. Hand cream is something I am making more of an effort to use now the weather is cold, and so to receive the Crabtree and Evelyn hand therapy was a real bonus and I will be popping it into my handbag in order to have it on the go. Lastly, and the product I am least excited about, but will still get a lot of use from is the James Reed Gradual tan H2O Illuminating tan mist body. I am least excited about this as I don't usually fake tan, however,  I will give this a go in the summer as I always need a little bit of colour as I am so pale and can only burn, I never tan in the sun 

The make up category is one of the most exciting, and I can honestly say I am so pleased to get almost a full face of make up! I didn't really expect any duplicates, but I also wasn't sure how much make up to expect and we have nine things, one of which being a set of three, so it really is great?! The first one I am going to talk about is the primer, this is the This works in transit camera close up, this is a mask moisturiser and primer all in one so will act as a perfect product to travel with and minimise the amount I would have to take with me. I love primers and use them all the time so I know this will definitely get used. I then have the Banana setting powder I am excited for this, but being so pale I have heard people say they can look a little yellow on the skin, but I will give it a good go and see how I get on. Next is a beautiful rose gold brush from Look Fantastic and is like a blush or bronzing brush and I will be testing it out to find is best use.

For eyes, I got four products, the first is for brows and is he Model co instant brows in the shade light medium which will work well for me, however if you bought this and have dark brows it might not work as well, but I will be having a go at filling in my brows with this and seeing how I get on. I then have a High definition eye shadow palette in the shade foxy, this has five neutral eye shadow shades in and I love the colours so I know the product will get a lot of use and the small size makes it convenient if I am travelling. To finish off an eye look I have the Ciate fierce flicks eye liner pen and the Doucce maxlash volume mascara, two products I can't wait to try as I love liquid liner and I love testing mascaras so I can't wait to see how they perform. Last up I have the Illamasqua lava lips marbled lipstick in Vixen, this is a beautiful red shade and I cant wait to play with it more and see how the marbling changes the lip colour. Lastly and most excitingly in day 25 I got a Pixi Hello Glow set which contains a liquid illuminator, a blush and highlighter duo and a glossy lip plumper which are all in beautiful shades and definitely an amazing thing to get on Christmas day.

I honestly think this is one of the best advent calendars on the market for myself, I love the range of brands, the mix of products and I am so excited about this years actual design. I will be keeping the drawers and storing stationary and products in it as it is the perfect thing to reuse and will look lovely on my desk and help keep me organised. I will definitely be hoping for next years version based on this years and last years as both were really good, and I am glad that although we have had some of the same brands as last year we haven't had any repeat products at all! I'd love to know if you had an advent calendar and what you thought to it as I am already planning on which ones I think I may want for next year based on this years line up! 

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