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Zoella All four you gift set

When I saw that Zoella had launched her Christmas collection I knew I wanted to have a look at it and see if there were any bits I wanted to pick up. I was very restrained and I only picked up two sets as I didn't know what the scent of the range would smell like and truth be told I don't need perfume or bath products, so I thought I better be restrained! I picked out the 'All four you' set as I love the idea of having the four mini perfumes and being able to test out a few rather than just the new Snowella scent. So lets get into the set and what I think to it!

The set has four 15ml bottle of perfumes which I think is a really good size as it will take me a while to use through these alternating them with other in my collection too. I think the way the bottles all stay true to the collection they came from despite being in the mini scent is so cute too as I love the different style of each one that makes them unique and fun. So how do they all smell? 

The first scent in the set is Blissful Mistful. This is one of the older collection scents that Zoella has done and one that I never managed to pick up in store. I love the design of the bottle, the see through look and the polka dots on the back make it look so fun and girly while still having a simplicity to the bottle with the simple Zoella beauty logo and the gold blissful mistful written on the front. The scent of this is floral with a hint of vitamin E, this makes it smell so lovely and it definitely screams spring to me, so I think this is one I will pop aside for a little while and come back to as spring starts, although I don't think I will be able to resist having a few sprays of this over the festive period mixed in with a few other perfumes. 

The next one in the set is Snowella, this is the new Christmas range scent for 2017 and the reason I wanted this set. I didn't want to commit to a full size bottle when for a few pounds more I could have four scents to mix it up with and not have a massive bottle if I didn't like it as much. This perfume comes in a beautiful white bottle with beautiful rose gold simple trees and the Snowells logo contrasted with black writing for the rest of the branding. I really like the packaging on this and think it looks wonderful, the only thing I am less keen on is that I can't see how much is left and so I would have to guess by the weight when it is likely to become empty. The scent is very fresh in my opinion, it has notes of peony which give it a floral touch without being overly floral, the mint and pink pepper are less obvious in my  opinion but definitely add an nice element to it, the min t freshening it up and the pepper adding a subtle warmth to the fragrance. I genuinely really like this and have been wearing it a lot since I got it, and I will be sad to see it go when it is empty, however I can't quite justify a full size one as I have way too many perfumes already!

The bake my day scent is one that I was unsure one, while it sounds great as a candle scent, did I want it in a body spray? Last year I thought not, this year getting it in the gift set I realise it is so good! I mean the opportunity to smell like a gingerbread cupcake with vanilla frosting only comes one season a year doesn't it? If I don't take my opportunity now, when will I ever? The packaging of this body spray is such a cute see through bottle with beautiful gingerbread printed on the back of the bottle. I love the way the scripted writing on the front gives a scent description, and the rose gold Zoella beauty logo has a wonderful way of bringing it together as one. The front has a wonderful description of the scent, with it being described as warming gingerbread and vanilla with top notes of cinnamon and chocolate. I think the gingerbread and vanilla have the most kick in this, I think there is a sweetness of the chocolate and the spicey notes of the cinnamon mix in with the gingerbread to create a warming scent. I honestly love this and if I get bored of it as a perfume I can use it as a room spray! 

Last up is the Gelat'eau, back in the summer I got this in the full size scent when I went to the pop up event for the launch. I like that once again the bottle is reminiscent of the full size, the white bottle has the cute colourful abstract design on the front with the logo and scent name. Once again, it is a shame you cant see how much you have left of this, but I guess I will just use it until it runs out and hope for the best. While the line was called Jelly and Gelato it doesn't have the sweetest scent you would imagine, but it is lovely. I did a full review of this here  if you want a more in depth review, but I will say I do like it. I am not so sure I need a second one of it, but I will see how I get on with it as I I did wear the full size a lot over the summer. 

The product comes with four lovely scents, they are a really nice size and at the full size price of £16 it makes them just £4 each which I think I would pay in terms of the smaller size. I am really excited to wear all of these more now I have talked about them as I was trying not to use them up too quick as I wanted to share them as almost full in the pictures! I think there is a lovely mix of scents in the set and it means you can either share them out with people you know would like each individual one, or you can have a mix yourself. I think this is such a lovely set and not just for young teens, the scents last well on the skin and are all ones I will wear day to day. The set can be found on Superdrug here where is keeps going on and off offer in the lead up to Christmas so you will most likely get to grab an offer with this one if you are looking to get it. I would love to know if you picked this up, or if you have tried any of these scents and what you think to them as I love hearing your opinions too! 

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