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Whish mud mask

I'm always partial to a nice face mask and find them so relaxing when I am in the bath and having a a pamper. So when I got this Whish mud mask in my Birchbox I was really looking forward to testing it out and seeing how it would work, especially for a brand I had never heard of as I have no preconceived ideas of what it could be like. 

The face mask comes in a squeeze tube style packaging which is really easy to use and squeeze the product out. The lid screws onto the tube tightly and fits well to ensure the product wont leak. I think the packaging works perfectly for the product and makes it really easy to store as you can stand it up with other skin care items without worrying too much about it being bulky or taking up a lot of space like some mask packaging can. I also think 15ml is a generous sample size as I got 3 masks out of it which allowed me to test it pretty well to decide if I wanted to buy it or not. 

The product itself is a much thinner texture than I expected for the mud mask, and so I was quite shocked on first use. I do think that the fact it is thinner is better for the results that it is designed to give. This is designed to also provide a resurfacing exfoliation on the skin and so it is designed to be left on for a short time, 15 seconds building up to two minutes, and then rinsed off using circular motions in order to exfoliate the skin as it is being taken off. I found this really easy to apply and the thin formula means you get a thin even layer with minimal effort and it is really easy to work with. I also like that because you only need a thin layer you aren't using excessive amounts of product like you feel you need to with some masks when they need a thicker layer. 

When I put the mask on it was comfortable to wear and I didn't feel like it was irritating my skin. I found the ease of using this was perfect as you only need two minutes once your skin is used to it and so it is incredibly quick to squeeze in even when you are pushed for time.  I found this left my skin feeling soft and smooth and like it had been well exfoliated in order to leave it looking and feeling like it was cleaner with less impurities. 

Overall, I did really like this mask when I used it. I like how quick it could be and the ease of it, as well as how my skin felt once I had had it on. This being said, I feel like I get the most enjoyment out of a face mask when I can lie in the bath for half an hour with it on my skin working its magic and rejuvenating my skin while I relax and unwind. With this mask I felt like I didn't have time to stop and do that as it needed washing off so soon after being put on, and I didn't want to risk leaving it on too long in case it had any adverse effects. I feel I have got similar results from other mud masks which have allowed me to also feel like I can relax and enjoy the experience, so while I do really like it and recommend it, it doesn't suit me in terms of the use time and my preference for relaxing while using a mask. I would happily use this again should I ever get another sample but it isn't one I will rush out and buy. If you are interested in this mask it is £29 for 60ml on Birchbox here, which I think is a good price if you do want to test out the mask. I would love to know your mud mask recommendations as I am always testing new masks and making the most of relaxing in the bath at any opportunity!

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