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Things I love on Netflix right now

I hate dark nights, I am tired by 6pm, willing myself on through the darkness, and then by the time it reaches bed time I have powered through for that long I am no longer tired. Its dark when I get up for work, it dark when I get home, and quite honestly, the cold is just outrageous, can we ban cold weather until December 25th? What better way to combat the winter blues than to snuggle up in your pyjamas with a blanket and watch some TV. I have been watching lots of things lately and I thought I would share with you what I have been loving and why to inspire you if you are lacking in things to watch. 

Lets start with an obvious favourite, Stranger things. A Netflix original series, so if you don't have Netflix I am not sure where else you can watch it, but do try! I will try not to give spoilers, but here is an overview of what the show is about. The show is set in a small town in Indiana in 1983, this adds to the mystery and the atmosphere of the show as there isn't really a way I can think of that this could work in 2017, not with everyone having a smart phone and camera in their pocket! The authenticity they have captured of it looking and feeling like the 80's is done really well and it looks very effective. The story is based around 12 year old Will who goes missing and seems untraceable. While the town searches for answers there are strange and mysterious events happening as well as the introduction of a young girl who seems to have a form of super power, but how is this possible? The characters are well highlighted, the story flows well and although it may take a few episodes to get into the story line to begin with, both season one and two are wonderfully written and I really did enjoy it.

Another show I have completely been loving is The confession tapes. Having a degree in Criminology, having studied crime, confessions and understanding the ways in which confessions can often be obtained or manipulated, it is no surprise I wanted to watch this as soon as I heard about it. The season has a selection of stand alone episodes that other than episode one and two which are a two part story, they can be watched any time, in any order which is great if you don't want something that goes on from episode to episode. We get to understand the crime at hand, look at what the confession is, and how the police use tactics and methods to zone in on the 'perpetrator' of the crime as well as showing real footage from the cases. Seeing the footage it is really easy to get sucked into the plot and really get a feel for the case, as well as being able to form an opinion about if it is a true confession or if they were manipulated into confessing through false tactics. 

The last thing I have been watching on Netflix recently is Zumbo's just deserts. This is a show that is almost like The Great British Bake Off, it hosts a group of contestant who are skilled amateur bakers who are competing for a $100,000 prize. The desert wizard Adriano Zumbo hosts the show and is seeking out the next 'Willy Wonka' through the competition. The amazing desert creation are amazing to look at and really quite spectacular to see and watch being created. They make one desert, and then the bottom two compete in a challenge to make a desert set by Zumbo in order to battle it out to stay safe. I like that they just do one thing to compete as it means you get to see so much more of the intricate work that goes on for each desert. Although I will warm you not to watch this if you are hungry! I have only watched a few episodes of this one, but I love seeing the creations and its such an easy one to watch and catch up on when I want something on in the background. 

I would love to know what you are watching on Netflix as I am always on the lookout for new shows to watch and recommendations are always welcome. I would also love to know if you have seen any of these shows and what you think to them as I find that interesting too. I can also do another one of these posts in the future when I am loving other shows if you liked this one so do let me know int he comments! 

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