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The Body shop Christmas collection event

This week I was invited along to The body shop store in Nottingham to have a look at the products they have released for Christmas. I was super excited to see them in person as I haven't managed to get to a store since the launch. The collections The Body Shop do are always so lovely and I know I will always lust after them when they launch, and the Christmas collection is no exception. 

Arriving at the event we were greeted by all the lovely staff who are all so welcoming, friendly and informative. You can tell all the staff are passionate about the company and love what they do, and I think this is so lovely, it is always so good when staff are passionate and knowledgeable about the products they sell and I love knowing that they have a genuine love for it and not just counting the minutes until they go home. We were offered the chance to go around the store and look at all the gifts before we were told about all the new products they had in store and given information all about the wonderful work they do with the Christmas charity fundraising. 

Shopping in the store there was so much to look at and so many new products we wanted to see, I find this is a lovely time of year to shop and I always think it is so nice to have other people in the forefront of my mind when I am shopping for things other than myself, and Christmas is a time I always put everyone else first before myself. I did find a few items I would like for myself, and I will say that the advent calendar almost came home with me, but lets all be honest, I need to be good and not buy anything else bath related until my stock pile of products dwindles somewhat through my project pan, so I left it behind. 

After having a look around the store we all grouped together in order to hear about this years Christmas campaign and the results of last years Christmas campaign and the success of it. We were told all about the 'Play for peace' campaign that it running this year in line with the gift range they have. This is done in a wonderful way that means most of the Christmas gifts have a game element to them and encourages you to put down your technology, come together and play a game, all in the idea of spending quality time together, going back to our childhood and enjoying a good old fashioned non technology based family game. Each gift turns into a game, with my favourite being the advent calendar. Turning into a trivia quiz with the included dice and instructions, each box has a quiz question and answer printed onto it, and one of the staff members suggested filling each box with sweets once the days product has been taken out and then the person can win the sweets or little prize if they get it right, what a fun idea! 

Being showed the video that the employers are shown about the campaign 'Play for peace' we were opened up to much more of an insight about how the money raised will be spent and help the refugees in Libya. The money raised from the sales of the Christmas range will go towards helping to rebuild and improve the youth centres in Libya where the young refugees are going in order to become educated, make friends, interact and also cope with what they have experienced in their life and to help the get access to things such as therapy and support. The building needs work to improve features such as the electrics, the resources to have more toys, games and educational material and the funds will help employ qualified and profession staff to work with the young refugees in order to give them a fresh start and the best chance they can to look forward to the future and have a brighter, happier and safer future.

In learning about what they are working towards this year we were giving an update on last Christmas's fundraising, which was all about building bio bridges to reconnect two areas of rain forest which have faced destruction resulting in the diminishing numbers of animals and wildlife within the forest. For every £1 The Body shop raised they replanted 1 square meter of rain forest, and while I was furiously typing notes onto my phone to be able to make this as accurate as I can I didn't quite catch the full amount, but they raised over £12million and I think that is so extraordinary, and knowing it has helped to rebuild the rain forest makes you feel, as a customer, like you really are contributing and helping to world to grow and be a better place. I think the most heart warming thing I remember from this was a group of monkeys became separated and the numbers declined severely when they became separated from there mates,  however the work to rebuild the rain forest has given the monkeys a second chance and they are now no longer at risk of being endangered after it has recently been discovered there is a group of baby monkeys in that species repopulating their numbers and continuing to grow their numbers since the forest has been rebuilt. The company's ethic and morals really shine through in these campaigns and it is so wonderful to see the dedication they have to these things. In addition to this, they have a petition to stop animal testing and if they get enough signatures they can taker it to the united nations in hopes of banning it completely. The petition was aiming for two million signatures by the end of the year, but they already has 3.4 million signatures and it is going a long way to helping the cause. 

The atmosphere in the store is so fun an welcoming, and the staff are so lovely to spend time with and chat to, and are all so knowledgeable. after learning all about the campaigns we got to look around the store more and we were offered an opportunity to have a skin care check and see how dry or oily our skin is and how dehydrated it is too. I was really excited as I can admit I don't drink enough water to look after myself and my skin care is reasonable, but not its best! We first used some strips to see how dry or oily our skin was, with one going on our forehead, our nose and cheek. This was really informative, and really highlighted the fact I thought my skin was changing since I hit 24. My forehead came out as 'normal' my nose was 'combination' and my cheeks were 'dry'. I have really sen an issue in the past six month with my skin starting to show more signs of oil and I am constantly learning how to change up my routine to suit that as I am not used to it. It was so interesting to actually have this shown to me properly so I really no what I am working with. We then tested our hydration levels, I have to say I was expecting this to be quite low, but I was still shocked when I got 32% on my forehead and 36.3% on my cheeks, this isn't the worst as below 30% is really dehydrated, so to just scrape above that is really good, but I want to make a conscious effort to work on looking after my skin more so this has helped me understand my skin a lot better. 

I had such a lovely evening, and while I didn't pick anything up in store I have added a lot of things to not just my Christmas wishlist, but the one I am writing for other people too! I adore the concept of the gifts turning into games, and my want for the advent calendar is unreal, but I can't justify more bath stuff, not with a project pan running! I have had it in the past and it was amazing so I know they are well worth the money. I am really excited to keep popping in store when I am next in Nottingham as I have a few trips planed and have a few gift ideas in mind for people I will be buying for when I actually start my Christmas shopping properly. I definitely recommend you pop in, check out the gifts they look amazing and ask about the cause, get to know about what they are doing and you will see that they are so passionate and genuine about there campaigns and its so nice to see that they are giving back. I would to know what your favourite product from the Christmas line is, I think mine is the robot tin which turns into a money box as they are so fun and brightly coloured and just look incredible. 

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