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Taking a new approach to working on my blog

Last week I posted about the way I felt like I needed to just take a break and the way I work on my blog means I often give up most of my weekend to really get in front and stay on top of it all, and I think it all just got a bit much last weekend with my really feeling like I needed to shake it up and find a better plan. I think I may have found a way to feel like I am less intensively working on it all weekend and really making sure I balance it with time to myself and time with my husband. 

I have really planned a lot of my content now up until the end of December and so I am really able to get a lot of posts written any time I get chance to sit down and write. I find that there are some shows and bits I want to watch and movies I have already seen but love watching and so I don't need to intensively watch them like I would a new TV show or a new film to watch. I find I can use this to my advantage. I have spent my Saturday this week laying on my bed, cosy under a blanket watching 'the confession tapes' on Netflix as well as watching 'Nightmare before Christmas' and because I can dip in and out of each show, and my knowledge on criminal cases and police investigations allows me to be able to pick up whats happening pretty quickly it was the perfect way to balance the work and leisure. I had the products I was writing about next to me to jog my memory and allow my to re-swatch or anything I may want to do while writing about the colour, for instance, and just to be able to accurately write my post without any hiccups. I would occasionally glance up at a good or tense part of the show and be able to zone in and out of both the show and the blog post I was writing at convenient intervals. This allowed me to be a certain level of distracted when I felt I needed a five minute break from writing, but stopped me falling into a YouTube hole or scrolling for hours on twitter aimlessly.

I was so productive and got lots of content written and lots of things ticked off my to do list and I think I have finally cracked what works for me and how I can really find my optimum working position. This wont work for everyone, and as I mentioned, I can only do this with something I love in the background, or something I want to watch but don't need to watch too closely. I feel like already having a 'distraction' means I wont then fall onto anything else which I will get lost in and I know I can go back to my next paragraph as soon as the less interesting bits come on.

In terms of filming this week I have made a point of doing my blogging on one day and my filming on the other, I could fit both in on one day but I wanted to do half a days work on Saturday and half a day on Sunday, to allow me to fit in other things I had planned this weekend too. I make a point of getting made up and prepping and then filming the videos on the list I have made to get done for that weekend. It helps me to have a written list to know what needs filming, in what order and also I write the date next to the title for what day it will be uploaded. This gives me some leniency on how much I need to get done and how much can slide over to another day should I not have time or not be able to. I then sit down, film consecutive videos where possible and then do all my editing in one go too. I find this to be the easiest way for me as I am not moving between my PC and filming and I can make sure I have everything together. 

I feel like last week really hit me that I work so hard but I slack at times and it really could just be a little more productive in a way that doesn't make me feel like I am missing out on a tonne of other things. I can also half watch a TV show my husband wants to watch that I am less interested in, but we can sit together and spend some time together while doing our own thing. 

From doing this I have a better plan, a more effective plan that has been trialled this week and I think it is going to be much more effective. I have reviewed all my content and how I want to post in the new year but that is a post for the new year and something I am still working on planning and thinking about and I want to consult others for a second opinion first before I set it in stone. Its so important to think about how you are working and shake it up a bit to make sure you are really getting the best and effective outcome from your time and effort as I saw mine slacking and knew I needed a shake up to make it work better. I would love to know your tips on staying motivated and getting the most out of your time when you are working whether on a blog or in any other area as I definitely get stuck in a rut when it becomes repetitive!

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