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Soap and glory bath bomb Original pink

We all know how much I love a good bath bomb, and when I saw Soap and Glory had released bath bombs I knew I had to get my hands on them and give them a go! I did indeed pick up all three, but I thought I would share with you the one I have used so far as I thought you would be interested to see how they work if you haven't picked them up yet. I decided to use the original pink scent first as I have the shower gel and body lotion to match this scent and so I wanted to use them all together and make it a nice relaxing bath. 

The bath bomb comes wrapped in in shrink wrap style wrapper on the outside of the bath bomb and then it is wrapped in a clear plastic bag with the cardboard offering an insight to the product with the distinctive soap and glory branding on it, as well as having a cute pink bow to tie it all together. I really like the packaging and think it looks really pretty as well as being easy to store. The also look super pretty and would make perfect stocking fillers this time of year. 

The bath bomb is a beautiful pink and white swirled mix of colours with cute little raised stars on the top of the bath bomb making an intricate design to look at. The bath bomb had lots of little shimmer inside and you can see it shinning on the surface before dropping it into the water. 

When I dropped this into the water it fizzed along nicely giving a rush of pink into the water, it did sink the the bottom of the bath and gave a lovely rush of pink coming up to the surface as it fizzed away and the bath quickly began to turn a soft pink shade that was filled with beautiful shimmer and looked so inviting and fun. Once the baht bomb had fizzed away the bath was a calm shimmering pink which looked fit for a princess to bathe in and was so girly looking. The scent filled the room and definitely had a strong scent which is really nice as I was hoping it would as that is always a huge seller for me with bath bombs. 

The water felt lovely and silky and the shimmer was of a fine texture so you couldn't feel it in the bath. I really enjoyed being laid in the water and felt really lovely being surrounded by all the pink shimmering water. I did find that some of the shimmer stuck to the sides of the bath when I drained it, however, a quick wipe round the bath soon got rid of it and it wasn't an issue! 

Overall, I think this bath bomb is really lovely. It is a lovely size and shape and the colour pay off and glitter in the water was beautiful. I do have the other two in the range and I am very excited to give them a go and see how they work as I am always intrigued to see how they will perform and the colours they will turn the bath. I think Soap and Glory really have hit the mark with these as the bar is definitely high when compared to other brands, but I have to say these are right up there as one of my top favourites on the high street, second only to Lush for their variety of scents and colours to pick from. At £4 on Boots, here, they are competitively priced and so I think they are a great one for the high street. I would love to know which bath bomb you think is your favourite as I have an obsession with trying new ones and testing different brands to see which are best, so if you have any ideas of ones I might like to try do let me know and I would love to test them out! 

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