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Scrub love Coconut mango body scrub

I have seen a lot of things about coffee scrubs and natural scrubs recently and I was curious to try something like that but feared they would be messy and not very easy to use without covering my whole bathroom in a layer of the stuff... When I opened my Birchbox a few months ago one of the products in there was this Scrub Love coconut mango body scrub and I was very excited to give  it a go. I love exfoliating my body and taking care of my skin so I decide I would really test this out and see how it worked. 

The product comes in a little foil lined sachet that is sealed across the top with a resealing closure to allow this to be properly stored once opened. The outer branding is bright, eye catching and very fun looking, I would definitely be drawn to this in a shop had I not been sent it in the post. The chevron detail makes the packaging look interesting while the yellow box gives all the vital information, and indicating that it is for normal to dry skin which is how I would describe my skin.

When I opened the product the first thing I noticed was the smell. This has the most distinct mango scent I have ever smelt on a product and I really love it. it has a slight undertone of the coconut to balance the scent and it is one that I definitely think smells amazing. The texture of the scrub is really strange on first glance as it doesn't look like any other scrub I have tried, but it makes perfect sense as it is made from natural products such as coconut flake and coconut shell as well as coconut sugar, mango butter as well as macadamia nut oil and coconut oil. The texture is quite coarse and so you get a nice scrub like texture against the skin while also having the moisturising elements of the mango butter and the oils. 

One I got to using the product it was really easy to use, I did tend to favour this in the shower as I feel products like this work better in the shower, but you could use it in the bath too. I found it easy to scoop out some of the product and work it into my wet skin while stood a little out of the stream of water in order to get a good scrub on the skin before the water began to wash the particles away. This was a little messy, but it definitely wasn't as messy as I first expected and so most of it wen't down the drain as I showered it away. 

When I had used this my skin felt really soft and smooth, although I don;t have massive amounts of dry skin I feel like it had exfoliated my body well and the oils and mango butter had worked wonders in order to leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated without the need to moisturise should I not wish to. I was so impressed with how this left my skin feeling that I cant wait to use the rest of this and find myself reaching for it each time I have a shower. 

Overall, I was so impressed with this product, I am often too lazy to use a body scrub, and especially one I thought would be super messy in the shower, so I did put this off a little longer than I should have done, however, it is one that not only smells so divine that I almost want to eat it, it is a lovely, not too harsh scrub to wash with that really leaves the skin soft and smooth with minimal effort. I am so pleased to have tried this and I really want to try more from the range as all the scents sound so delicious! This body scrub is £12.95 from Birchbox and can be found here if you wish to check it out and want to try it for yourself, alternatively if coconut mango doesn't sound like your type of scent they have so many more scents in the range and believe me, I want to try most of them as I think they all sound amazing! I definitely will be looking into these more when I have used up a lot of the products I have in my bathroom as I don't want to invest in new bath and body products until I have dramatically downsized, however, this is top of my list when I need a new body scrub!  

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