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Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is a product I have been trying on and off for quite a while now. It is something I haven't blogged about as I always want to give it one more go before I do a final write up, and to be honest I am not really sure why I delayed the review.... I got this in some sort of beauty box, but its been kicking around for quite a few months in the testing phases so I can't pin point which one, but I know I didn't seek it out myself in store or online. 

The packaging is a squeeze tube which I do like as the product is like a conditioner texture and makes it so easy to squeeze out. The full size comes in three sizes, one being a squeeze tube, the second being a tub, which I think I would prefer the tube to, and the last being a big bottle with a pump which would work well too. I like the packaging and think that the tube is secure, holds the product well and is easy to take with you travelling or on the go. My travel size is 40ml and the tube size that is bought in the 'full size' range is 75ml just to give some size reference. 

The product is a white, conditioner feeling product which you apply to wet hair before shampooing. The product comes out the tube nicely, feels creamy, and looks just like any other standard hair care product. This does feel a bit more like a conditioner when sitting on the hair, but it is pleasant. I usually leave this on for around 10 minutes covered with a plastic cap, I just pop on a shower cap. I find this pretty easy to do as I usually time it in with a face mask that takes roughly the same amount of time, and then take them off at the same time, then wash my body and hair after relaxing and reading while this and the face mask work. 

My hair always feels really lovely after I use this, it is soft and shiny, and manageable. This being said, I use shampoo and conditioner when I use this product and so they do add to that element of my hair too, however, I feel this does contribute. I find, that I don't really see a dramatic difference in my hair. I don't really know how I feel about this, as I feel it contributes some softness to my hair, but I feel the majority is just down to my shampoo and conditioner. I also find that no matter how much I use this to test it, it isn't something I reach for as a non-review testing product, which automatically shows me I don't see enough difference when I use this. 

Overall, I find this is a nice product to use, I like that it is pre-shampoo, it makes it a little different to some of the other treatments I have used, and I think it is really nice to test out and use as a pamper product. Personally, I don't think it makes enough difference to my hair to make me want to go our and actually buy it, and I don't find I reach for it much anyway, except for when I test it out and use it on purpose to review. I think this speaks volumes about a product and I definitely feel like it isn't something I will repurchase. Retailing between £17.50 for 75ml, here, and £88.50 for 1L here, it is a little more of a luxury as an extra step in the routine. I wouldn't repurchase this, however, I wouldn't say I will never use it again, I have a bit left to use up in this one and in a year or so if I got to try it again somehow, such as a beauty box, I may test it again to see if I find my hair type has changed or if I feel differently about it, but I may also just pass it on to a friend to try. I think has potential and so many people love it, it just wasn't one for me! 

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