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November Round up

November whizzed by in a flash didn't it! I have been so busy prepping and planning that I almost forgot to make the most of this month! That being said, looking back I have had a really nice month. I have to say though, I still can't believe its the end of the month, how has this happened. I'm sure the months are whizzing by, and I am sure I will feel like I am writing the December round up only next week! I have had a busy month but not much to share with you all as a lot has been blogging and YouTube prep to have a bit of time off over Christmas! So lets have a look what I have been doing this month!

The first major thing that I have done this month is go to Disney on Ice at Sheffield arena. If you haven't been to see it before, you definitely need to go! I had the best time and it is one of the best thing I have been to see in my life, you an bet I am looking to book tickets to go in April when it is on again! If you want a sneak peak at the show I vlogged the adventure here. I love ice skating, and definitely wish I could be a professional ice skater and have always wanted lessons, but I guess its just a dream for now. 

I also had a Christmas party at the end of this month, it was a nice way to get it done before the Christmas rush and be able to spend some time with some of the people I work with outside of the work setting. I wore a beautiful dress from Topshop which will be featuring in a look book and a stunning glitter eye look which I will also be doing a tutorial on as well so look out for that on my channel soon! I had a lovely time, and you know what? Its lovely to go out all dressed up with full make up, as I always turn up to work with no make up on looking a little bit worse for wear, so it makes a nice change to bee seen making an effort! 

I went to this years first Christmas market today too, this is something we will be doing more and more towards Christmas and I am very excited to be going to some more over the next month in the lead up to Christmas! I have one in particular that we have planned and I am really excited to vlog it to share it with you as I am so excited to go! I am hoping it is really good as it is one we haven't been to before so I m hopeful it will be nice! 

This month I have made lots of lists, lots of video ideas and also started doing a lot of filming! I am pleased to say I have already filmed the first week of videos, all except a vlog which I can't film until we go to the Christmas market. I have worked so hard to get in front in hope that the content can not only be the best it can, but also be up on time and be fun to watch. There is a mix of beauty, fashion, gift ideas, tags and vlogs to keep the month interesting and a fun mix! I am very excited to film them all, share it all with you and really push myself to do this and I know it will be hard work, but well worth it in the end! I am also busy working on blog content for December already as the more I can get prepped in terms of my blog the better it will be for relaxing over Christmas! 

I hope you have all had a wonderful month, I am super excited to find out what you have been up to this month and I hope you have lots of fun things planned for December too! 

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