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Lush Gorgeous facial moisturiser

I have no strict rules on which skin care products I use and tend to try a lot from different brands as I run out of one I like to try something completely new in order to see which ones I ultimately like and be able to test a wide range of things for you guys to read about too. When I got this sample of the Lush gorgeous moisturiser in a gift set a while back I didn't try it straight away as I wanted to use through a different one I had on the go first, but recently I have been testing out this one from Lush and I wanted to share my thoughts. 

The moisturiser came in a small metal tin as it is a sample, however the full sized product comes in the classic black tub that is typical for the Lush products. I find the sample tin to be really easy to use which is really good, and being metal it is one I could reuse if I was to travel and refill it should I need a container. The black tubs are also incredibly easy to use and store and I think either would be really convenient for it to be in  tub like that if you were to buy it. 

The product itself is a light cream colour and while it is rich, it is a light enough to blend in easily and with minimal effort that allows it to sink into the skin while still giving a lot of moisture to the skin. I find that a little bit goes a really long way and so the small amount will last a really long time which is really good. This cream has a really lovely smell to it, containing ingredients such as evening primrose oil, fresh pineapple juice, fresh lemon juice, and fresh orange juice, and combined together it smells divine! 

In order to use this I do my whole skin care routine and apply this as the final step. I apply a small amount to my forehead, nose, chin and cheeks before rubbing it in with my hands. It sinks in quickly leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth afterwards and ready to either apply make up, or ready to go to bed if it is evening. I find this sits really well on the skin as it begins to sink in and then feels comfortable and not heavy once it is worked into the skin. I have been using this for a few weeks now and I am really loving this moisturiser and think it is one I can see myself using more in the future. I also feel like I am barely making an indent in it so I know it is one that will last a good amount of time from how slowly it is going down. 

Overall I have enjoyed using this so much I am really liking the formula and the way it leaves my skin feeling. I think you can really tell the product is made with good quality fresh ingredients and it is really good for the skin. I have looked into this on the thoughts of buying this as a full sized product, and was surprised to see it is £42.50 for 45g, here. I think this is such a lovely product and you can really tell that it is good quality, but I think for me, I don't want to spend £42.50 on a moisturiser right now as I know I have ones I like a lot for less. This being said, the amount of time it would last is something that is worth the value, and so I will look into the more, maybe after the festive period when I am going to really slim down the products I use and work on refining my skin care to good products that really do work for me. I would love to know your current go to moisturiser, so do let me know in the comments as I find it so informative finding out what you love too!

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