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Lush Golden wonder bath bomb

Lush always do Christmas bath bombs wonderfully, there is always a huge selection to pick from with a little something for everyone. I think the Golden Wonder bath bomb is one of the most Christmas looking bath bombs you can get! A golden present which even rattles when you shake it to sound like the most magical surprise. So what does it look like when it unwraps in the water?

The Golden Wonder bath bomb has a beautiful golden exterior with a white bow on the top. The bath bomb is quite a good size and is so pretty. The bath bomb is designed to have a surprise inside and it has a wonderfully mysterious rattle when you shake it in order to keep in the Christmas spirit and be like a real present you may be peaking at it! 

Infused with cognac oil, lime oil and sweet orange oil the bath bomb has a wonderful sweet citrus scent to it which smells divine! I love that it isn't too Christmas scented as it makes it one that I think more people will like as the cinnamon and spiced scents can be more of a personal taste. I think this smells lovely and I do really enjoy this one. This is a bath bomb I have used many times in the bath over the past few years. 

When dropped into the water the bath bomb begins to fizz giving out a lovely golden lustre in the water and creating swirls of gold before unleashing the inside of the present which casts a beautiful blue sea into the water making a magical sea blue. I love the way the water looks when you use this as it leaves the water looking a lovely light blue with a golden shimmer running through. This hen has some pretty gold stars which fill the bath and make it look magical and like a true Christmas surprise.

The bath bomb is a lovely one and it makes such a great present as it is so pretty in the water and totally not what you would expect. I love the beauty of this in the water and think it is so pretty to watch. At £4.50 on Lush, here, it is one that I have bought year after year and love having in my collection as it is so pretty and looks lovely. I am so excited to have had this one again this year and if it is out again next year I can almost guarantee I will pick it up again. I also love getting this one as a gift for people as it is quite different and looks lovely in the water. I would love to know if you have tried this bath bomb or which your favourite bath bomb is for Christmas!

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