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Kat Von D Sinner perfume

I remember seeing a sneak peak of these on Instagram when Kat Von D was designing the bottles of the fragrances and knowing instantly I had to smell them when they were out. A few weeks ago I popped into my local Debenhams and they had them out to test and I immediately spray this one on on arm and Saint, reviewed here, on the other arm. I definitely felt like I needed both, so imagine my delight when I got both of them as samples tor take home and test out!

The Sinner perfume comes in a little travel spray here which is 4.5ml, but this mimics the travel size 10ml spray you can purchase. The bottle is clear but has beautiful ornate scroll like detailing printed onto the tube. I think the tube is so beautiful and really captures the beauty of the full size bottle without having to be too ornate. The full size bottle is a genuine work of art, Kat Von D is someone I have always recognised as a very talented individual from the tattoos she does right through to the art I have seen from her and the bottle design is a stunning master piece which deserves to be displayed. The 3D scrolls like details mixed with the skulls in the design really do capture the essence of the bottle and the make up line and really make me feel like it suits Kat Von D's branding and vibe.

The fragrance itself is described as a spicy scent with notes of patchouli, wood and cinnamon, which I can pick out the spicy tones, but I am not the best with scent profiling. I feel like the scent really smells like a nice evening spicy scent. I absolutely love this one, it is a really tough call between the saint and sinner for which I like best as they are both different ones but I honestly feel like both are really quite high up on my current favourites. I feel like I can definitely smell the patchouli in this and so that is always a good start, I feel like the cinnamon is more of a generic spicy scent that I couldn't quite specify as cinnamon but is really nice. 

This perfume has amazing lasting power when I wear it and it is one I can count of to stay on and stay smelling strong through the day when I am wanting to forget about my perfume and not have to worry about topping it up. I find it has a strong scent that although does lighten on the skin a little it keeps the distinct scent well, unlike some others I have tried. I feel like it is one that because you don't need to top it up will last a long time as you wont need as much because you wont need to respray it through the day. 

Overall I am so pleased with the staying power of this perfume, it stays on the skin so well and lasts such a long time. The scent itself really appeals to me as I love the spicier scents and the more evening, deeper scents and I definitely will be adding this to my Christmas wishlist as I think its is beautiful. The full size in the beautiful statement bottle is 50ml and retails full price for £52 here, or you can get the travel size which has 10ml of product and comes in a lovely handbag friendly travel spray for £18 here. I would love to know if you are thinking of smelling these or if you have smelt them and what you think to them, or alternatively I would love to know what scent you are reaching for this autumn as I love testing new scents and seeing how they work for me. 

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