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Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Where has November gone? I really don't know. I though I would pop over and let you know about some Christmas changes that are happening in December and share them with you so you all know where you can find me and what you can expect! I am very excited for everything I have planned, and so I hope you can forgive me for the minor mishap of not getting a video up today as I have been rushed off my feet all weekend and not had chance to film a single thing! However I think you will be excited about what is coming next month to make up for it.

A lot of people are doing blogmas, and I will technically be doing it, keeping up with my daily blogging over December too. This will be mainly product reviews as I didn't want to bombard my blog with too much Christmas content as I am sharing more of that over on my channel. I will be posting some tips on picking Christmas markets, Christmas candles, and little snippets of Christmas themed products I have been testing out. I hope you will enjoy the content, and I have decided to shake it up for the New Year so stick around for an update on that when I have decided fully on what I want to do with the content for next year.

In terms of my YouTube channel, this is the biggest change of all. I have decided to do what I am calling 'Entirely Christmas' I will be sharing a video every day up until Christmas day with Christmas related content and then one every day to New Year. This will be things for New Year as well as my usual empties and favourites and I am working really hard to make sure this comes together. Between planning and beginning to pre-film some of this content it has meant I haven't had chance to film some bits I wanted to squeeze in before the end of December so I am going to tweak my December schedule to incorporate one last video I wanted to get up today and didn't get chance to. The main issue was, I can film in my office with the studio lights, however the one I wanted to film for the end of this month was one I wanted to shoot outdoors and by the time I was home from work it was a bit too late and too dark to film and I haven't had a spare minute all weekend so that will now lapse over to next weekend's plans. 

I am so excited to see this all come together and I really want to make this a success so I hope you all enjoy the content too as I am loving putting it all together. Let me know if you have any requests or ideas for things you want to see on my channel or blog this month as I am still able to tweak things at this stage! 

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