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Having an off day.

I have set myself a really strict upload this year, my aim was to blog every single day of the year, and to be fair, I am doing pretty well. I have posted 309 posts this year and have 56 left to go. It has took a lot of hard work an determination and I am so proud of myself. But what happens when I wake up and decided I want a pyjama day and I really don't feel like using my days off to constantly work? Side note, this isn't a moan I just wanted to highlight that sometimes we all just want a day off. 

I work a full time job and have five days at work and two days off. I am very lucky to work set shifts and have the same days off every week as my husband, but this is also sometime a curse with this too. I spend my days going to work, I come home and then try to keep on top of the housework, spend time with my husband and get dome some of the things I am working on in my personal life that have nothing to do with my blog and YouTube. I have recently bought some lights to use when I film and so that has helped with having some time in the evening to film some videos and get on top of that. I also try to write a blog post or two most evenings to stay on top of the daily posting and get in front with it all but this is balance on nights where I can film and my husband has to be quiet in his office in the next room, and nights where he can live stream and I have to be quiet. 

I then have Saturday, I usually get up, try to get ready, film a video or two, and then I have to work out when the editing needs to be done by, and if I can do it one evening while my husband is streaming, or something like that. If I have something like a look book video or like our pumpkin carving video to film this takes up most of the day, and then Sunday becomes the chore day, the food shop, the popping to town if we need anything, then it morphs into the family day as it goes into the afternoon. Then before I have had chance to blink, the weekend has gone and I am back to work. 

I feel like nine times out of ten, although my husband and I coast by with little interaction some days, everything ticks over so well and it isn't an issue with my blog and now my YouTube planning and content and I get on and get it done as I love it so much. But I have some days where I just want a chilled weekend, I just want to laze around in my pj's and genuinely envy all those people on twitter who are having a lazy day under a blanket watching Netflix. I am always trying to blog at least a few days in advance, but I never really 'plan' a lazy weekend unless I know I have something big happening, I planned a week off content a few weeks ago when we had one of my husbands friends staying and I had nowhere to film, however I did end up filming a couple of things. 

I find it really hard to find a 'day job' work and a 'blogging and YouTube' work balance, while trying to incorporate a social life, spending time with my husband and just general self care is really difficult. I have so much planned for December that if I don't get myself geared up and actually schedule in some days off to just sit in my pyjamas and have a 'day off' as some times I technically work seven days a week. There is a lot behind the scenes that you don't see of how much time I spend at my computer and how many hours I put in to really push this and really put my all into it and work hard on it. 

I have worked hard to plan a lot of my content from now until Christmas and definitely have a lot of blog posts which I can get scheduled in with plenty of time to spare, and so I am working hard over the next few evenings to get those scheduled, and get a few videos filmed and scheduled in order to have a weekend to myself next weekend, I want to be able to spend the Saturday with my husband and do something nice without me feeling like I have to rush home and get content prepped. I will say it would be a dream to do both YouTube and blogging full time and then I would use the time my husband is at work to prep content and see him in the evenings, however, that is worlds away if ever, and so I can only dream of it. I feel like I am working so hard at the minute on all of this and I am so proud of myself, so I hope you are all enjoying this. I would love to know if you enjoy the daily posts or if you want a different schedule next year as now is the time I am working on that idea and thinking about how I can push myself and really set myself new goals and challenges. 

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