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Charlotte Tilbury Scent of a dream

Charlotte Tilbury is a brand I haven't tried much from and so I was very excited to test out this perfume when I got it in a goody bag from an event I went to. I was pleased to be able to test this out as I forget to test this most times when I pass a counter as I always have other perfume on and then I don't want them to mix and give a false idea of what it smells like due to it mixing with another scent. I have finally been testing this to see how I feel about it and want to share my thoughts on it with you all.

Being a sample this comes in the generic sample spray bottle, however the full size of the product comes in a beautiful bottle which in itself looks quite unique. I love the spinning top like bottle, which although I just likened to a child's toy, does look very sophisticated and beautiful by design. On the website this is said to be inspired by a visual code that channels the power of the universe, I am not so sure how to interpret this, but I do think it looks elegant, sophisticated and interesting to look at due to its unusual shape. 

The notes of the perfume are a little more complex sounding that some other perfumes I have reviewed in the past, and for someone who isn't very good at describing scents it can make this part a little more tricky. The top notes, or 'joy' notes of the perfume include lemon, peach and black pepper. The heart notes, or 'Fleurotic' notes of the perfume include jasmine, frankincense, tuberose and violet, while the base notes, or 'pheromone' notes of the perfume include fire tree, Iso E super, patchouli and ambroxan. I wont lie, I haven't a clue what half of this means, but I can tell you there is a definitely notes of the spice from the black pepper, and the floral notes of the jasmine and violet and the patchouli that I am smelling when I smell this. Some of these I can only pick out due to smelling them in other things to really understand there scents alone. This is marketed as a one of a kind 'floral chypre' perfume that is said to ignite a mind altering fleurotic frequency. In short, and from what I gather, this is supposed to be one of those that smells 'sexier' as it mixes with the body's natural scent, making it smell different on everyone? Its all too sciencey for my brain! 

I don't dislike the scent, as such, but I feel like it is one that I don't picture myself wearing, I can't put my finger on why I am not keen, but for me, its one of those middle ground scents. I'm sure you all know which I mean, the one you spray every now and again in the store, and if you had it at home you would probably wear it now and again, but you just love other stuff so much more that it falls int the middle void, where you don't hate it, so it makes it way onto the buy list somewhere, but you don't love it so it never works its way from the bottom. I did however show my husband this and ask if he liked or disliked this scent and, if I was shopping would he tell me to buy it. He confirmed he does indeed like the scent, though it was stronger than he was expecting, and that he would suggest I buy it in store if this was something I sprayed and couldn't decide if I wanted. 

The scent does last really well when worn and I have been able to get about three uses from this small sample in order to give it a good test. I find that this is a nice way to test out the perfume and its lasting power really has proven itself during the testing with me feeling I don't need to top up my perfume through the day when I had this on.

Overall I do feel this perfume is really good value for money, it lasts well when worn and I love the all round aesthetic of the product, right down to its design. I think within the perfume market it is reasonably priced coming in at £49 for 30ml, here, £68 for a 50ml here, and £96 for 100ml here. I think this is one that if I was keener on the scent I would be adding to my Christmas list as I do think it is so good for lasting power, the strong fragrance and even just how pretty it would look on my vanity. With all this being said, as I mentioned above, there is just something I am not sure I like about the scent on me personally and so I feel like it is something I don't want invest money into while there are other fragrances on my wishlist which suit my skin better. I would love to know if you have tried this scent and how you feel about it, or which perfume you have on your wishlist this Christmas! 

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