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Chanel Gabrielle perfume

Chanel is such a big name in fragrance, but is one I barely ever find myself shopping at when I am looking for new perfume. I was so glad to get a sample of this recently to test out as I don't think I would have really thought to go and smell this next time I was passing a perfume stand. I am not sure what it is about the scents, they just don't ever shout to me to go and smell them like other brands do and so they get forgotten. I believe this is the newest scent from Chanel and is one that I was excited to try when I received it.

These types of the sample bottles are my least favourite, they are cardboard, they pull up and then have the spray. I really dislike these and definitely prefer the little spray bottle. The full size bottle of this is a beautiful rectangular bottle with a simple square label with the Chanel logo and the Gabrielle name on the front. You can see the bottle on the sample package and I think it is very sophisticated and reminiscent of the rest of the Chanel line. 

The perfume is of the floral variety and is described as 'A solar flower based on a bouquet of orange blossom, jasmine, ylang ylang and grasse tuberose.' This fragrance is definitely on the floral tone and while I am less knowledgeable of the floral scents as I often don't pick those ones out, I do definitely pick out different scents within the spray. I wouldn't ever reach for something that was marketed as pure floral, but I do think this is a nice, not too over powering floral. 

In terms of lasting power I didn't think the scent lingered for as long as I would hope being a Chanel perfume, it did last for a few hours, but I soon felt like it had wore off and was untraceable when I was wearing it, so I was quite disappointed as I often find Chanel wear really well. I don't think its the worst perfume for lasting power but I definitely feel like this could have lasted much better as I was left feeling like I would need to top it up through the day. 

Overall, I am not really a fan of this perfume. Firstly I think some of it is because I am less fond of the floral scents, followed by the fact it didn't have the lasting power on me that a lot of my other perfumes have. I feel like there are other Chanel perfumes I have tried that I prefer not only the scent of, but seem to last a lot longer on my skin than this one did. At £79 for a 50ml bottle on Boots, here, it is one that I think is reasonably priced for Chanel, but one I will pass on, just because it isn't to my taste! 

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