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Bobbi Brown eye repair cream

I was a person who for years didn't use eye creams, or anything specific for my eye area. It is only in the past year or so I have tried to make an effort and give my eye area more TLC and look after it a lot more than I ever have. After all I know its probably an area I will get ageing later in life as it is and area that affects most people in terms of wrinkles and signs of ageing. When I got to try the Bobbi Brown eye cream after receiving it in a Birchbox I was super excited, this is on the high end of the skin care spectrum and so I know it isn't something I would look into buying, especially for eye cream which I have already mentioned I am lazy with! So lets see how I got on. 

The packaging I have is the sample size product at 2.5ml, however, I can see on the Bobbi brown site, the full size product comes in a very similar jar and so I am pleased we get a feel for how the full size will be from testing out this smaller size. The product is in a small plastic jar which is clear, I like this as you can see the product inside. The lid is black and provides a nice contrast against the white colour of the product we can see through the clear jar. The lid is plain but the front of the jar it has the Bobbi Brown logo which I really like. The rest of the product specification and branding is all on a little sticker on the bottom of the jar allowing it to look really sleek and smooth with minimal writing on show. 

The product itself is pale in colour and is a thicker rich texture that works into the skin nicely but has a richer texture which is a little bit sticky, but blends in easily, not feeling heavy on the skin. When I use this I pick up a small amount of product on my finger, I only need to dab my finger on the top of the product to pick up enough to use. I then pat this onto the eye area creating a series of spots with the product before going back over the area with my finger warming the product slowly it absorbs into the skin easily and quickly. 

I feel like I have seen a real difference in my under eye area since I began using this product, it has really plumped and hydrated my under eyes, I still have some dark circles, however, lets be honest I don't sleep enough so no product on earth will take that away while I am not helping that myself! My skin has felt much softer and much more hydrated since I began using this compared to the areas I don't use this on that are further from my eyes, so I feel like this is really making a huge difference to my under eyes. I feel like because I have no signs of ageing at 24 I can't really tell you how well this is working on anything anti ageing or repairing, but I think my skin feels lovely, and we all know the saying, prevention is better than cure, so I will persevere and hope for the best! 

Overall, I really like this product is really lovely, I would never have considered buying and so having a sample has given me the perfect opportunity to test it out without committing to the price tag. I feel I have really fell in love with this product and for the three or four I have tried I have to say this is definitely my favourite so far. I am so glad that this is taking so long to make a dent in as I have to say it is quite expensive, coming in at £48 for 15ml on the Bobbi Brown website, here, it definitely has a steep price compared to my usual budget friendly picks, however, once I have used this up, which will take ages, I will evaluate and see if it is worth investing in when I can really judge it on a much more long term scale. While I do think it seems like the perfect product for the job, it is very pricey and not something I could pick up without a lot of consideration! I would love to know if you have an eye cream you love that you think I should try as I would love to find a budget dupe for this and it shall be my mission up until the jar is empty, as I always like to keep things budget friendly where possible, so do let me know in the comments! 

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