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Barry M meteor storm eye shadow palette

It isn't often I buy eye shadow palettes, I get stuck into the ones I have and I don't always gravitate to new things as I don't always end up being too adventurous with my make up and so I forget to pick up new things or try don't branch out enough to need to get new products to try! However, when I saw the shades in the Meteor storm palette I fell in love. The mix of metallic and duo chrome shadows creates a lovely palette and I was excited to give it a try.

The packaging on the palette is a cardboard based palette which is lightweight and compact, I do like it, and while it might not be the most sturdy if you travelled a lot and took this all the time, it is really good quality for a cheaper end palette that isn't plastic. Having a magnetic closure it stays shut and secure when you aren't using it which I love as I hate it when they don't have a secure closure! 

The shades themselves are so beautiful and are obviously what sold it for me. There are 8 shades and although I would like a few more shades if I was creating a full look, such as some neutrals to make a transition colour, it is a lovely palette with the mix of shades to create a variety of looks. The real reason I fell in love with this palette is the duo chrome shades as I don't have a lot and so I really like to add bits like that to my collection. 

The first shade in the palette is a beautiful metallic, shimmering pink which has a hint of blue in the duo chrome, The stunning shade is so beautiful to look at and the palette and would be so beautiful to work with on the eye. I have used this and while it does need to be packed on a bit as it is quite a sheer glitter formula it looks beautiful on the eye. It is very sheer on the skin, but the top one has the primer and the bottom is without a primer.

Second in the palette is a soft metallic pink. Being a light pink it is quite pale and so doesn't look overly dramatic on the eye but has really nice colour pigmentation and looks lovely all over the lid to use as a base colour to transition other colours with in the crease, or to layer other shadows on top. The top one has the primer and the bottom is without a primer.

Thirdly we have a beautiful metallic, rusty copper shade with is highly pigmented and looks stunning applied on the eyes. The rich colour makes a beautiful crease colour to make a warmer look and it blends effortlessly, even for me who isn't the best at blending! The shade is really easy to work with and I have noticed myself reaching for it more and more as the weeks pass. The top one has the primer and the bottom is without a primer.

Shade number four is a warm, orange toned metallic with a pink iridescent duo chrome. The shade has more pigmentation than the first duo chrome shade, but I think some of that is to do with the shade being of a darker colour, it looks more pigmented. The wonderful metallic shine that this gives off is one I am in awe of, it is simply stunning.The top one has the primer and the bottom is without a primer.

Moving on to the second half of the palette we have a warm brown shade that would be perfect for smoking out the crease on the eye or creating a darker base to layer the duo chrome shadows on. The gorgeous chocolate brown shade has a lovely, softer metallic finish that I think would look perfect in the crease without being quite as metallic as some of the other shades in the collection. It has nice pigmentation but it does need to be built up slightly to get the full effect of the colour on the eye. The top one has the primer and the bottom is without a primer.

A soft metallic pale yellow shade with a golden metallic reflect is next in the palette. This is a a paler colour and I think it would make a lovely inner corner shade or light lid shade if you were going for a lighter look on the eyes. I think this has such a lovely shine to it that it would make the perfect highlight to catch the light. The top one has the primer and the bottom is without a primer.

Now, I wont lie, if I could only have one shade from this whole palette, I promise its this one. This light brown toned shadow is not only striking as a metallic shade in itself, but the duo chrome is unreal! When I first swatched this in store I was immediately taken aback by the gorgeous green duo chrome this shade has and in that moment I declared my love and insisted it would soon be mine. It wasn't until I was really playing with this shade after buying it that I noticed it not only has the green duo chrome, but it some lights it has a subtle pink shine to it too, giving it more dimension and more impact. This is most definitely the most unique and beautiful shade in my whole collection and I can't wait to experiment more with it. The pigmentation is good, and I think it would work well alone or layered for me effect. The top one has the primer and the bottom is without a primer.

Last, but by no means the least we have a deep navy blue. The dark shade adds a lot of depth to the palette, and would smoke out the shades wonderfully if you wanted a deep smokey eye look. This is also stunning with the previous shade layered on top creating a mesmerising rich duo chrome that would look so beautiful made into a look! This is richly pigmented and works well on the eye to give depth and dimension. The top one has the primer and the bottom is without a primer.

Overall I think this is such a lovely palette, the shades are all really beautiful and I definitely feel like this will be a staple for me over the Christmas period when I was metallic and duo chrome stand out looks for the party season! I am so excited to exhaust the creative possibilities of the palette and really get my creativity flowing with this one as I know it will be one that I won't get bored of easily. At just £9.99 on Superdrug, here, I feel like this is such a reasonable price that it is definitely worth picking up if you think you will use the colours, I know I certainly will! Also, as the holiday season approaches closer this being at the £10 mark makes it the perfect gift if you are looking for some make up palettes to add to your wishlist and love anything glittery and sparkly! I would love to know what your favourite palette of the moment is as I am always looking to expand my collection and try out more! 

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