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Bags I am lusting after

While I would always have said I was a shoe girl through and through, I have found a passion for handbags along the way, and I would say I lust after both pretty much on a level basis now. I'd say half the time I'm explaining to my husband how much I love and need Louboutin's and the next I am explaining how much I want a Mulberry handbag. While I write it here as 'want' I definitely try to convince him I 'NEED' it, I should also point out he doesn't foot the bill for any of this sort of stuff, so I work and save for all of it, I just vent to him when I am saving up for something, or like to play the 'If I had millions of pounds what things would I be buying that I really want right now?' game. So lets have a look what my current bag wish is right now. 

I have tried to keep this in the designer realm, not because I will be getting a designer version, I mean post Christmas sales and outlet shopping may allow a designer one to creep in, but I am happy at a high street buy. I wanted to share three designer bags that I love that I will be basing my next handbag purchase on as I always struggle to see where the gaps in my handbags lie and I have found a definite one here. I will do these in lowest to highest order, but be warned, its four almost identical handbags! 

First up we have this cross body Micheal Kors bag. This is the cheaper end of the designer scale at £160, here. I really like the simplicity of this bag and I love the fact it is a good size and looks like it would fit the essentials in for me to take with me when I am going out. I like the simple design, the leather is durable and I have two other Michael Kors bags and love how durable they are so that's always a bonus too. I'm not massively into the chain detail on the strap but as its only a bit and has leather on the area that sits on the shoulder I can manage with that as I just find the chain can be uncomfortable sometimes. 
Next we have the second cheapest, but I warn you this is a massive jump so sit down for this! The Saint Laurent Monogramme Lou leather shoulder bag is next on my list of bags I love, at £775 here, it is a major rise in the price tag, however I think the branding is clearly the reason for this. Once again, a beautiful bag, the simplicity is wonderful and I love the way the logo isn't too obvious but is still there. I suppose if you are paying nearly £800 for a handbag you might as well show off what brand it is! I like that it has the tassel detail on the side, and I really like that the strap is all leather too, I think it looks lovely and simple and a classic style that will be timeless. 

The third and final bag is probably the one I would pick of the three should I be shopping now and have the money to buy one right now. This is the Gucci Soho Disco textured leather shoulder bag and comes in at £805 here. I know, I know, crazy. We all know what is fuelling this don't we, I saw these bags and loved them and then I see them pop up on YouTube videos and fall even more in love, I think its because its so plain and a good size, and the logo almost looks more like a design on the bag than huge branding. I once again love the little tassel giving the really simple bag some definition. Once again the plain leather strap if to my liking and will make it comfortable to wear and I just love how nice this looks. 

As I mentioned, I feel like this is just a bit if a splurge dream, I have Christmas presents to buy, I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet, as well as thinking about what I need to do over Christmas as we have a few day trips planned and need a bit of spending money for. I definitely don't have the 'spare'  cash to be splashing out on one of these, ok I could probably get the Michael Kors one with not too much uproar as I have some money set aside, and while its not handbag money, I can make a small dent should I get a good deal! I definitely don't see the Gucci one being something I get this side of next Christmas as there is a bigger Mulberry bag I like for £995, and while that is much steeper again than the Gucci one, I know the Mulberry would be something I would use a lot more and would fit way more in and be more practical in the long term, so I would hold off for that if I was really splashing out! I would love to know what is on your ultimate wishlist right now as I always love being inspired by what other people love too! 

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