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Addicted to sparkles and LED's

 Last year I bought the most beautiful pair of shoes for my wedding day. A Cinderella collection from Irregular choice, the sparkling, light up silver shoes were just stunning. I had them as my wedding shoes as my husband is obsessed with all things electronic, RGB and LED, and basically everything at our wedding was light up, even my wedding dress! It was so magical! Recently I have been dreaming about my little light up shoes and the idea of wearing them again, when Irregular choice decided to answer my prayers! 

Back when the Cinderella collection launched in October 2016, they did the above shoes in silver,, I blogged them here, gold and black. The black version were like rocking horse poo and I genuinely don't even understand! By the time I had been through the queue on the website and got on, they were sold out. I considered showing you a picture, but I cant remember the exact name and so I can't even track them down! Anyway, I wanted the silver for the wedding but felt the black would be more wearable after the wedding and while I couldn't afford both the silver and black I was sad they didn't have the black. 

I adore my Cinderella ones but can't bare to wear them too much as they are sentimental and mean the world to me as they were a huge part of my wedding for us, the LED's couldn't have screamed me and my husband more if they tried and it was such a awesome element that everyone loved! 

When I saw Irregular choice had brought out a new collection on LED light up shoes I almost fell off my chair. I was so excited to see they had some very similar black LED shoes to the ones I wanted so bad a year ago that I sit here, pretending I don't need them, pretending I don't want them so I don't automatically order them this second and spend all the Christmas money I have saved up to buy everyone else presents on them! I have explicitly told my husband I need these for Christmas, but I feel like I could treat myself, I will find some excuse or reason why! 

The shoes are so pretty and have such nice glitter and embellishments on them that I simply love them. At £129 they sound a little more expensive, however, I did pay £150 for my Cinderella version, so I feel they are still a good price. I cannot even begin to share how excited I am at the thought I might get these and I can honestly say I am resisting ordering them as I don't feel I can wait any longer to have the black LED shoes I have wanted for over a year and thought would be something I would never get. If you want to shop these, you can find them on the Irregular choice site here, along with their whole collection of shoes. I'd love to know what your favourite shoe brand are as I am a total shoe lover! 

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