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The Christmas countdown in October?

I find Halloween a bit of a strange holiday. If you asked me 10 years ago if I enjoyed Halloween I would tell you it passes me by every year with no impact. I now have grown to love it. Buying and carving pumpkins, snuggling up in cosy PJ's watching scary movies, or maybe just Nightmare before Christmas! I just have grown to love it. This year, with making and preping for Halloween YouTube videos I have noticed a few things about Halloween and Christmas and how they filter through to us. 

I have bought a few different things from Asda ready for Halloween, it is a shop I pass regularly just due to where I live in relation to one, and where we like to shop due to how close it is. As I pop in every so often anyway I have been making more frequent trip into there and other shops such as B and M, Home Bargains, Wilko's, just shops that have nice, inexpensive Halloween goodies, and one thing I have noticed is, Christmas takes priority.

I will add a few spoilers in here, but I want some Halloween decor for the background of videos, I could get Christmas baubles and tinsel before Halloween things. I could get Christmas baking kits 2 weeks before anything Halloween themed in Asda. I feel like some years the Halloween things seem to be in shops for weeks, and then other times, like this year it seems to take forever to come in. 

I know that I went in this past week and wanted to look for more Halloween prep for the videos I have coming up and while the Halloween aisle is quite impressive now, they also have a full aisle of Christmas goodies, including advent calendars, tins of chocolates and all things like that. I mean, I don't mind as it means I can start my Christmas shopping early, but I don't understand why the holidays are so far apart, yet I can buy Christmas things before Halloween? 

I am feeling really pleased with the bits I have got so far, and so I am not complaining about it too much, but I just don't get it. Believe me, I am as excited for Christmas as the elves, but I think it would be nice to slow down and just focus on Halloween which is first as this year is going way too quick anyway!! 

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