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The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin shower gel

A  few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to a Body Shop event in my local city and when we were given a sneak peak of this I knew I wanted to get my hands on them. I love that they have branched out this year and picked something that is more autumnal to release in the lead up to Christmas as it isn't often brands do that, unless it is more of a spooky Halloween item. I couldn't wait to embrace everything autumn and Halloween. 

The bottle is the standard shower gel bottle which I like so that is always good, I find that it works well and is easy to use and store. I love the logo on the front of the bottle as it looks quite festive and has such a cute little detail on it that has a slight Christmas feel to it without being overly Christmas themed. The body wash is a creamy colour and is a thicker consistency than the more fruity one, but is really nice to use. 

The product has a lovely scent to it, it has a sweet vanilla scent to it with the undertones of the pumpkin smell. I definitely think it is autumnal and I really do enjoy the smell, however I know people who haven't enjoyed it, so I would recommend smelling it in store if you aren't sure if you will like it or not. 

The body wash squeezes out of the bottle easily and is a nice rich and creamy formula which isn't as foamy as some, but still foams up nicely and is creamy and nice to wash with. The product leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth and is really gentle on the skin. 

I have really loved using this shower gel over the past week or so and have been using it solely in the bath and shower which isn't good for my project pan declutter as I have so much to get through, but I just cant stop using this! At £5.00 it is the standard shower gel price for 250ml at the body shop. This only comes in the full size, whereas some of the permanent scents come in a travel size version. Within the range there is the shower gel, body lotion, hand cream and a shimmer spray which all look so beautiful. You can shop the shower gel here as well as being able to find the rest of the range online too! Let me know your current favourite shower gel in the comments as I love hearing what you are all loving! 

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